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    How often and how early should I email my clients?

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    Too frequent is too much and too late is too late. Don’t harass your subscribers with emails, do not follow them every hour with an email asking them to buy your products.

    Often, toning down frequency if you are a regular mailer improves response rates. Don’t send newsletters in an untimely manner like super late or super early – like 10pm at night or 3am the morning, this could cause them to not take your emails into consideration in the appropriate times. Consequently, they might simply forget about your offer.

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    Avoiding Spam is Easy

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    • Avoid publicly advertising your address on any websites where you do not have complete control of your own privacy.
    • Do not submit your email address to websites or companies that you’re unfamiliar with.
    • Always read the fine print when signing up for anything.

    By default, there is usually  a text box that you need to pick to opt out of receiving email marketing material from the website you are in (trying to buy something), that you’re required to fill out when buying goods, make sure you unmark an option that says you allow to receive their emails.

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    Good Information on how to make your Email reach the inbox!!

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    Satisfy the expectations you set at signup. Don’t send more content than you advertise, or you may end up flagged as spam.

    Make sure that what you say in your subject line relates to the rest of your mail. Your reader will hate to find out that you sent them an information in the subject line that has nothing to do with the rest of your email.

    Keep your content applicable to what reader signed up to receive, and you will reduce the likelihood they will recognize it as spam. Make sure that you segment your lists!

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    Recommendations on Email Marketing

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    EmailBrain helps you promote your business and /or services, as well as allowing you to reach out to your audience through email marketing and social networking. So, in order for you to reach out to your subscribers and so we can work together, we recommend a few points that you should take into account:

    1. Get to know your subscribers and know what they expect from you.
    2 . Be one step ahead of the competition.
    3 . Keep your lists clean.
    4. Write newsletters easy to understand without much unnecessary information.

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    How to create successful Marketing Campaigns


    • Make sure you use the subscription form feature that EmailBrain offers . Also, be sure to post it on your website where it is very visible. Do not just put it on the home page of your website, put it in all pages of your website if possible.
    • EmailBrain also provides you with the feature called ” forward to a friend” , so if your customers see that your information is interesting, they can forward it to your friends . Once these friends receive it and really see that they are interested, they can sign up to be on your list.
    • Encourage your customers to register on your list by giving something back . It may be giving them the option to enter or raffle , or by letting them know that they will receive benefits like discounts and /or promotions.
    • Use an appropriate amount of fields in your subscription form . Doing it too long , will make your customer leave .
    • Educate your customers or future customers using different media such as Facebook , Twitter , Blogs and Articles , so your customers can know how to follow you and being updated with latest events of your company.
    • Make sure you have a privacy policy on your website . This way you can assure your customers that their information will not be given to third parties.
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    Why do your subscribers unsubscribe?


    When a client unsubscribes, it usually happens for a specific reason, and finding out the cause can be the solution to prevent future unsubcribes.
    Here we give some reasons why your clients unsubscribe:

    • Sends that are too often

    There is nothing more annoying than receiving too many emails from a sender. For this reason, you should send a in moderate manner , let your customers eagerly wait for your newsletter .

    • Using lists that are not opt-in

    If your recipients are not opt -in, Email Marketing is not for you . Rented or purchased lists will give a high rate of unopened emails and unsubscribes.

    • Poor Content

    The content provided through a newsletter should fascinate the recipient, it should inform, and should meet and fulfill their needs . If a subscriber has signed up to be on your list, it is because they want to receive quality content.

    • Loss of confidence

    When you create your newsletter most of the time you put your website or landing page, where you will find more information of the product /service or news. So this page should be a page that your clients can trust , with specific information because if the page does not look good , does not open or has incorrect information, most likely your customers will stop believing in you.

    • The sender is unknown

    If you send email campaigns to your recipients , you must make clear to them who is emailing them, and why. The name , email and the domain must be very clear and known to them.

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    Use a Template


    You may think it is logical to have to use a template for your newsletters , but believe it or not there are still people who do not use it and believe that with using a background color is sufficient . So we give a few reasons why you should use a template in your email marketing campaigns :

    • Your customers will recognize the newsletter.
    • Your customers will know what to expect.
    • It will give  organization and professionalism to your newsletter .
    • When you are editing your newsletter each week / month, it will be much easier and faster to edit.
    • Finally, I advice having a standard template to use most of the time , but also have a special occasion alternative template in order to show a little creativity and customization.
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    Give your newsletter some vital energy


    Make sure that you attract an opt-in, happy crowd of subscribers, that way you are to a large extent producing an excellent crowd newsletter of people who will actually read your newsletter.

    How can you grow your list/ database?

    Get a  subscription form if you do not have one. But if you do, have you added our new Social Subscribe Form yet ? This way it will facilitate you to get all subscribers from all your social networks! Take advantage of all the great features that Emailbrain has to offer you!

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    A Quick Tip on How to Get More Opt-In Subscribers


    We recommend that you put a subscription form at the end of your blogs , articles, news section . This way, if your readers are interested in what they see on your website or blog they will want to subscribe to be on your mailing list, to receive more information from you.

    Please consider to put it at the end because if you put the beginning they are going to ignore it and if you put it in the middle, it will make them upset because you are interrupting their reading.

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    Did you screen your message for spam before you sent it out?

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    We recommend that you take advance of the great spam checker we have to screen your message before sending. As you know, spam messages are not appreciated by recipients, including your subscribers. We know you would never try to spam your customers, but if your email comes close with some words or formatting styles which may be confused for spam, your email might get confused with spam.

    We have a spam checker that identifies any suspicious formatting or overused offer words, such as “free” +hurry” “buy now” that would cause a message to be flagged as spam. Make sure that your score is less than 5.0.  Make sure to click the  ’check spam score’ before sending your message.

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