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    How often should I send my newsletters?

    Happy Halloween to all Emailbrain Followers! Have a very scary Halloween ;)

     Francisco, sending emails to your clients once per week is great, so do not worry about over-saturating them if that is how often you are approaching them. Also, Rachel wants to know, why it is recommended not to use flash, and it is because they tend to get blocked by many spam filters, and videos don’t download in all Email service providers. Pedro asked if it is ok to send two emails with different purposes a week, I would truly encourage you to put them together, and only send one email per week. Susan, Emailbrain allows to you to create both versions (HTML and text). That way, if your client can only receive text, they will be able to do so, but the clients that can also receive HTML, will receive it. The promotions that we are running for Halloween are:

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    Nuray, the way we select the date of our newsletters are: We usually have promotions on the holidays, and only on some end of the months (not all).

     Dave and Alisha, thanks for your welcomed comments!

     Now, going to today’s topic:  How often should I send my newsletters?

    Many times we ask ourselves, am I sending emails too often or should I send a little more emails of what I am currently sending?

    What we can do in this case is put ourselves in the shoes our recipients. Let’s not saturate the recipient’s inboxes, because credibility will be lost in that case. Always give more importance to  quality vs. quantity.

    Always keep a balance, do not send a daily message, but also do not send one every month. A last advice, place a field asking how often your recipients would like to receive your emails in your subscription form, and that way you will now you what your clients want from you.

    Once again, I really hope you enjoy your Halloween weekend, and your trick or treat time!!


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    Quality vs. Quantity

    First of all, I would like to tell you that we have received many calls and emails, regarding the Halloween Promotion. It is definitely a win-win situation, I encourage you to take advantage of it, and you can benefit from it, if you take action between right now and this Friday. 

    In regards to today’s topic, I would like to communicate to you why it is so important the quality of your newsletters, and why it is better to send a newsletter that is well done, instead of sending a dozen of emails per week.

    When writing high quality content, your subscribers will be anxious to receive your newsletter, and they will see it like valuable information about your industry. This will create more credibility for you company, and your subscribers will want to forward your newsletters to even more people.

    Sending your newsletter very frequently could annoy your subscribers, and you could lose your credibility.

    Whenever you make the design of your newsletter, make sure your newsletters are easy to read. Do not use: flash, a big font, too much colorful text or only CAPS. Make sure to write a summary of the overall information, because if you make the text too long, your recipients will not want to read it. Write your newsletter in many short paragraphs with the accurate information, and use bullets to give a little more information in the parts that need it.

    So, remember that the quality of your messages is really important, and that it is good to know that our recipients receive our newsletters with a lot of excitement.

    Thank so much for following the posts. Until this Friday! :)

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    You will be terrified and filled with horror by this Promotion.

    Happy Halloween Week Emailbrainers,

    I really hope you had a great week, and are all prepared for the weekend. I wanted to start off by letting you know that we have had an awesome week here at Emailbrain, a lot of brainstorming, and we have finally came up with a Halloween promotion that will make your Halloween even better. Before I start writing on what this promotion will be, I would like to answer some questions that came up on the last blog.

    First of all, I want to acknowledge EB members for coming up with such smart questions, that I am sure that many people have as well. In regards to Lloyd’s question whether it is ok to write all letters CAP’s in the subject line? It is not ok, Spam Filters tend to classify that as spam, so it is great that you brought it up. Also, Meg mentioned that it is not ok to just put an image without text, and I would like to emphasize that along with an image you should always write some text, to avoid your newsletters getting caught in the spam filter. In addition, Emma wanted to know if it is ok to use bold letters in her newsletters, and the answer is yes, as long as it is only on the tittles. And last but not least, Mr. Green, Hotmail is a little stricter than other providers, but make sure that your permission-based list is recent, and that way, all emails should reach inbox, if you comply to my writings in the last blog.Thanks so much, for all your participation in the last blogs.

    Now we can go to the best part, the promotion, made for all of you….
    Please click on the following links depending if you are a trial member or a paying member, to read the appropiate promotion for you:




    I really hope you take advantge of this promotion! Take care, and have a wonderful weekend.

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    Keeping your messages out of the Spam Folder

    Before I start with today’s blog, I would like to thank Maldo, and all of you that are reading and enjoying the blogs. Maldo, I am sure that now that you have a better understanding of the Reports and Statistics of Emailbrain, interpreting them will be really easy, and you will take advantage of knowing how to keep track of them!

    In today’s blog, I will talk about how to keep your messages away from the spam folder, I would like to give you some advice so your messages in fact, do not end up in the Spam Folder. Please keep these advices in mind since they will help your messages reach the inbox:

    - Try to use a small font, for instance: +2 or +3 is a very good size.
    - If you write text in red, and bold, there is a great possibility, your message will be considered spam.
    - Avoid writing all CAPS, not only on the subject of the newsletter, but also on the content of your newsletter.
    -Avoid certain words in the subject line of your newsletter such as: Free, Sex, Viagra. Money, Mortgage Etc. And many other common words that spam filters will consider spam.
    - Do not write names in millions when it comes to money. For instance: $10,000,000 in the subject line.
    - Never leave your message blank, always write something on the subject line.

     I really hope these advices help, and that you follow them. Please keep in mind that Spam filters are very strict, so we must do everything on our hands to make the email reach the inbox.

    I will be waiting for your comments on such an important matter, as it is keeping your messages away from the Spam Folder. Take care, and we will talk again on Friday!

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    Reports and Statistics

    Thank you very much for your comments, here are some answers to the questions that arised on the last blog.

    To answer Mary Kate’s question on why do text-only messages don’t give us the percentage of open emails? Basically, our reports depend on an action being taken (such as an image being downloaded) or a click through. One way around it is to design the newsletter in HTML but make it resemble straight text by using only text in a simple table structure. Only HTML-based emails can carry the code necessary to communicate with the EmailBrain server when recipients perform actions such as clicking the email to read it, forwarding to a friend or clicking on hyperlinks in the content. However, EmailBrain can still track basic statistics in text-only versions, such as un-subscribes and subscribes.

    And, to reply to Esteban’s question as to how to claim your promotion credits?. Simply send an email to info@emailbrain.com with your username for Emailbrain, Facebook and Twitter, and we will add the credits to your accounts.

    Today’s blog will be on Reports and Statistics

    I want to explain why you need to wait 24 hours after having sent your email campaign, in order to see your exact statistics.

    These are the following reasons:

    1. An email might be delivered immediately and the recipient might open it instantly but this might not be reflected in the statics section immediately.

    2. Some email provider’s servers can make the spam test, and by consequence emails are not delivered right away.

    3. The email provider’s servers might be crowded, because they have too many emails going in or going out, so the delivery of the email might take a little more than usual.

    4. Your contacts may have the inboxes full, so it will attempt to resend the message up to 24 hours after first attempt.

    5. If the emails bounce and are returned we will attempt to send them for 24 hours. But if some of this emails are successfully delivered, their status will change to (HD) Hard Bounce.

    I hope this really helps, please do not hesitate to write back if you have additional questions.

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    Percentage of opened emails in the Reports and Statistics section

    Before I start with today’s blog I would like to give  special thanks to all of you that are following us in Facebook and Twitter, and for particpating so actively in them as well.  I would like to take this opportunity to invite all of you who have not yet joined us in Facebook and Twitter to do so.

    Click on the Following icons to join us, and you will get 2,000 Complimentary Non-Expiring Credits:

    Emailbrain’s Twitter Account ——>twitter

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    Please keep in mind that most of our promotions from now on will be only posted in our Twitter and Facebook accounts!

    Today, I would like to explain you a little bit about the percentage of opened emails that shows in you Reports and Statics section. Many of you may notice that the percentage of emails opened is very low, but do not believe it is as low as it says on your reports. As a matter fact, is usually much higher than what the statistics say. Many of the time your recipients take the following action when they open the email, and it does not count as a opened email, even though they did read your email:

    1. Many of your recipients do not click to open the email. Many email service providers such as Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL etc, as well as many email programs such as MSOutlook, Eudora, Thunderbird, Lotus, etc have a preview window, and your recipients read the email from this window. In order for the open to count, it must be double clicked on.

    2. The person downloads his or her emails, and then they disconnect from the internet to then check their email.

    3. Your email provider does not download images automatically, and if that occurs, email is not counted as an opened email.

     As you can see, your percentage can be higher, so do not get discouraged and keep sending your email marketing campaigns.

    Thanks so much, and I will be waiting for your questions/comments. Take care!

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    Email Marketing

    Good morning to all of you!

    First of all, I would like to thank you for all your comments, it really makes us happy to receive such a good feedback from your side, and to know that you are really enjoying this blog. Before I start with today’s blog I would like to reply to questions asked in the last blog.

    Jlelo asked why I didn’t put a real photo, and the truth is we all look better with a little Photoshop…Don’t we? ;) jeje..

    Paul Koeppel, you  would like information on delivery rate, and I encourage you to follow our postings, because very soon we will have a blog just dedicated to Delivery Rate.

    Constanza and Stanley are wondering if Emailbrain is the right tool for them, and basically are new to Email marketing. Emailbrain will help you gather your contacts, so you can start sending your clients all the information they want to receive. You do not have to be that knowledgeable, since Emailbrain is usable not only for experts on Email Marketing but also it is geared towards beginners in Email marketing. It will not be hard at all, and remeber if you encounter any difficulties along  the path, our customer support team will always be here to assist you.

    Today’s blog will be on Email marketing.

    E-mail marketing is a practical form of direct marketing that uses email (electronic mail) to approach  targeted audiences. In other words,  each email sent to a potential client or a actual client could be considered e-mail marketing, however, the term email marketing is really used for the following:

    1. Send out emails in order to obtain a better relationship with our clients. With information such as company’s information, events that will occur, or simply to thank them for being such a special client.

    2. Send out emails in order to obtain new clients and/or suggest current clients to buy, in other words, to send them promotions on your products, and/or information on new products.

    You must be asking yourself, and those emails that we see in our bulk mail folder, are those Email marketing?

    Email marketing has nothing to do with unsolicited emails, or messages we know with the name of “spam”.  The First thing that we must do is ask for permission to our clients, to send the offers and/or content on our company. If we send email marketing messages not having obtained prior permission from our clients, we will be violating the Anti-Spam Law. So make sure to always comply with the law, and with what your clients expect from you!

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    Welcome to the official Emailbrain Blog

    stephanieFirst of all, I would like to welcome you to the official Emailbrain Blog.

    I will be using this blog to communicate with you frequently, and share my thoughts, my knowledge, and of course what is happening in Emailbrain.

    Also, I would like to know your comments and/or the questions that you have regarding any topic discussed in this blog, about Emailbrain in general, or any new topic on Email Marketing.

    I would like for you to know a little bit about my background. My name is Stephanie Lazardi. I was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and moved to Miami when I was nine years old. I have been living in Miami ever since then. I have been working for Emailbrain for almost six years, started working in the Marketing Department and have moved to the Business Development Department. I am currently the Business Development Manager, and I can tell you that it has been an incredible experience, where I have learned so much, and met so many challenges and new experiences throughout these six years! Prior to joining Emailbrain, I worked at Vita Inc. a creative agency, as head of the Sales and Business department. I earned a B.S. in Business Administration with emphasis in Marketing from Florida International University, and an M.B.A. with Honors from Nova Southeastern University.

    So once again, welcome to our blog,  we really hope that you like it, and enjoy it very much.