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    Promotion: Happy New Year 2010

    Dear Blog Readers,

    I really hope you had a great time these holidays, and were able to rest, and spend lots of time with your families. I truly wish that this coming year: 2010 will be blessed with all the best for all of you.

    Before I start with today’s blog promotion there are 2 things that I want to address:

    The first thing is Erica’s question. She lives in miami, and would like to constantly donate clothes. You may do so, we can pick it up for you if you wish. This project will not be a one time thing, but by the contrary, we will be doing it very often.

    The secong thing I want to tell you about is the raffle we are having to win a free one of our 5 ipods that we are giving out:



    As an incentive for this coming year, we have decided to extend the promotion, which will available until January 4th, 2010.

    If you have a paying account, please click on “Paying accounts Click Here”

    If you have a trial account, please click on “Trial accounts Click Here”







    Once again, all best wishes for you for the end of this year. And this coming year may be full of blessings for all of you.


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    Two Surprises in this Holiday!

    In this time of the year we tend to reflect about how the year has been, and we tend to get filled of love and happiness.

    Today I have 2 surprises for you, but before I start telling you about them I’m going to answer  the question that Jonathan has for us.  He wants to know if the characters in the subject line are taken in consideration by the spam filters. Yes, the spam filter see the characters in the subject line, and if there too many your message can be considered as spam.  

    Also, we would like you to remember that we have joined efforts with Homeless in Miami in a collecting clothes for the homeless people in the city of Miami.Please click on the image for more information.


    Today’s 2 surprises are:



    2.  As a Christmas gift, Emailbrain has come up with a really good promotion, which will be available until Monday, December 28th, 2009.
    So, take advantage of it, and do not miss this promotion.
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    How long should the subject line be?

    I hope you all have had a great week so far! I could imagine that most of you will be going on vacation very soon. I really hope you have a great trip and safe vacations. For those of you who do not have a planned trip, make sure that you add a little knowledge to your knowledge base and continue reading our blog! :)

    Today’s Theme: First of all, some people say that the most important part if an email is its subject line. Because it is the moment the sender has to catch the recipients attention. Many people say that what is most important about the subject line is the length, that the longer it is the less it will tend to reach the recipient’s end. However, the content of the subject line is extremely important as well.

    It is really important that you throw in a very important phrase at the beginning on the subject line, and my recommendation is not to exceed 40 characters because most email service providers have around that limitation on the subject line. Shorter lines have a better result, when focusing on delivery.

    And, if on top of leaving the subject line short, you add the fact that you avoid all caps in the subject line, and avoid words in your subject line that are top rated when it is about spam such as: Viagra, Free, Mortgage, basucally words realted to pornography, medicine, and realestate are a no-no rule in the Email Marketing industry. Always make sure you send yourself a test–Using our Send Test feature, to make sure that the email is going to the inbox. A recommendation would be to send different subject lines to see which ones by pass the Spam Filters and which subject line does not by pass it.

     Thanks, and I hope that you take advantage of this tips.

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    Tips on Email Marketing

    We have a surprise for you this Holiday Season…

    We know how everyone loves iPods; therefore, we decided to include iPod giveaways in this promotion and these are the ways you can participate:

    1. Open a new account between Dec. 14th and Dec. 31st and fill out the subscription form http://www.emailbrain.com/RWCode/subscribe.asp?Mode=subscribe&SiteID=2441
    2. We want our current EmailBrain users to participate as well so all you have to do is refer a friend, if your friend opens an account you participate as well, how do we know? You, and your friend have to fill out the subscription form with all the information required and make sure to give your friend your EB username. http://www.emailbrain.com/RWCode/subscribe.asp?Mode=subscribe&SiteID=2441 Do not miss this great opportunity! We are choosing 5 winners!

    ipod shuffle

    Manoj recenly wrote to us because he wanted some general tips on Email Marketing, here are some of the most importants tips:

    In Email marketing it is really important  not only to get opt-in emails, but also to make a good design for your newsletter.

    Whether you are new to Email marketing, or you simply took a break from sending out your campaigns, and are ready to start sending your emails again, make sure you do not send the whole list at once, but separate it into categories, it could be by date which the list is gathered, or where the recipient is located. That way it will facilitate you from having your list clean.

     In is really important that you do not collect email addresses  from several websites, you will the be Violation the CAN-SPAM Act. Also, make sure you do not buy lists from third parties, because even though those list can be opt in, the term opt in does not really to you, because they have not opted in to be in your list directly.

     Keep in mind that if they sold the list to you, they could of sold it to many other people, and such recipients are probably tired of receiving random emails, and will most likely report a complaint.

     In conclusion, gather your own list, and do not depend on other companies to provide you with different lists.

     Thank you, keep having a great Holiday Season!

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    The Emailbrain Project

    Good morning Emailbrain Blog Readers,

    I would like to extend these holidays greetings, and want to wish you the best for this so important time of the year.

    Before I start with today’s blog, I will reply to the postings that Diego and Susan made in our last blog. Diego wanted to know the extra number of fields that a subscription form should have. In reality it should not be an exact number, simply they should not be so few that you will later regret having asked your subscriber for really important information, but not so many that your recipient will walk away from signing up because there are so many. Susan wanted to know if she sends an email to all her clients to confirm that they do want to be in her list, if they happen to complaint in that first send, what would happen. We will then  require proof of opt in, which means proof that that person did subscribe to be in your list even if it was a long time ago.

     Today’s blog will be solely on our Project for this holiday’s season. For a long time the Emailbrain team has been wanting to get involved in a good cause, a lot of brainstorming happened in order to come up with a great idea that we decided to call “The EmailBrain Project”


    We have partnered with http://www.homelessinmiami.com , an organization of young Hispanic artists that are trying to give back to their community (Miami).

    Starting this Holiday season, EmailBrain in conjunction with Homeless in Miami, will be doing clothes collecting efforts, with the purpose of giving it out to the homeless people in the city of Miami. If you would like to get involved in this great cause, you can do so by sending out clothes, towels, sheets, shoes, and anything you think could be of good use to the homeless, to our offices in Miami 10750 NW 25th St., Miami, FL 33172.

     Also, if you live in Miami, we can come to you, just send us an e-mail with your name, number and address to Mariamely@emailbrain.com and we will get in touch with you.

     EmailBrain and Homeless in Miami deeply thank you for supporting this great cause that will, without a doubt, put a smile in lots of people’s faces. And since we don’t want you to miss that moment, we will be posting videos.

     The Emailbrain Team & Homeless in Miami wish everyone Happy Holidays!

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    How can you build your list to send out successful Marketing Campaigns?

    Hello Emailbrain Followers,

    I hope you are really enjoying your Holidays.

    In regards to my last blog, Abby mentions that it also occurred to her that the links were dead when her clients opened her emails, they saw nothing, that is why it is always important to check before sending out your newsletter.

    Remember, always send yourself a test, before sending it to everyone else. And Monique, wanted to know if 25% open rate is a good rate. Well, Monique always keep in mind that your open rate depends on a huge number of factors. Some of them are how old your list is, what the content of your newsletter is, and what your subject line is, what the delivery rate is (If many of your emails bounce, the open rate will be lower), and also the from name of the email. But in general terms, considering all factors mentioned above 25% open rate is a good open rate.



    Today’s blog: How can you build your list to send out successful Marketing Campaigns?

     First of all, I would  like to tell you that building your list is a journey and not a destination. You will have to keep maintaining your lists, and also keep on growing them.

    - Make sure you use the Subscription Form feature that Emailbrain provides, and make sure you place it in your website in a place where it is very visible.  Put the subscription form in as many pages as you possibly can within your website.

    - Make sure to have a Privacy Policy in your Website. That way you can guarantee your clients , that their information will not be provided to third parties.

    - Motivate your clients to subscribe by giving them something in return. It can be a prize by winning a company raffle, or by letting them know that they will get better advantages (like discounts)by signing up to receive your company emails, or let them know they will receive promotions via email after they sign up.

    - Use the appropriate quantity of fields in the subscription Form, if you make it too long clients will certainly walk away from filling it out. Also keep in mind, that some fields you cannot avoid them since you will need them in the future, make sure to have a balance.

    - Emailbrain provides you with a feature called “Forward to a friend” that way, if your clients find your content interesting, they can forward it, and once their friends receive it, they can sign up to your list, if they really like your newsletter and the content.

    -Educate your clients or future clients by using many different types of media, facebook, twitter, blogs, articles. That way, you will always have your clients following you!

     I hope you found this helpful. And, have a wonderful remaining of the week!

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    An advice from Emailbrain.

    I really hope your week has been great so far.

    Michael, in regards to your question whether to personalize the subject line or the content of your newsletter, I would recommend you to do both. That way, your clients will feel more identified with your emails.

    Rose, Mary, and Najao, thank you so much for your nice thoughts, and your compliments. Emailbrain wishes the best to the three of you as well!

    Today, I would like to share with you a situation that occurred to one of our clients recently , and would like to prevent this from happening to you.  A few days ago we had a client that used to get around 25% of his emails opened in his Reports and Statistics Section, and less than 0.5% complaint rate (which was very good). One day he stopped sending information to his clients regarding his company, he told us that because he was busy doing other things in his business, and he did not take into consideration that his clients were expecting emails from him. He then  stopped sending them emails for almost a year. The result of that? The first time he decided to go back and start sending emails to them again, many of his clients had already lost interest in what he was offering, and in his company, because he failed to be consistent. Not only his open rate was horrible, but also his complaints  grew by far. He then called us to see what had happened.

    Basically, when you make the decision of engaging in email marketing, make sure you do not abandon your clients, because they will forget who you are. Always keep reminding them that you are there to offer them services when they need you.

    Always have a determined frequency to send out your newsletter, whether it is weekly, biweekly or monthly, make sure that you do not stop sending for long periods, because you will lose a potential list of returning customers. I am not saying that you will be sending emails to your clients on a daily basis, because that will definitely get them annoyed, but the key here is to always keep a balance and don’t go into extremes where you send them information everyday, or by the contrary you do not send them anything throughout a whole year.

     I really hope you take this advice and keep being consistent in your email marketing campaigns.

    Thanks for listening to Emailbrain’s advices and have a wonderful weekend.

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    Creating a Database that works!


    First of all, I would like to acknowledge the fact that we are already in December. I would like to wish all of you happy Holidays!

    Jumping into today’s topic: Creating a Database that works

    I would like to give you some advices so that the databases work when you are creating them:

    1. Set your goals. Do you wish to grow your database? Do you want to double your sales on a product? Make sure you set your goals before creating your database. That way you will know which type of clients you want and how to classify each client.

    2. Determine what to include in each database. Once you have decided which clients of yours have more potential, then you can start building up your database. Get together with your sales and marketing team, and ask them for all the opt in contacts that they have, and their contact information such as First and last name, name of the company they work for, products that they usually buy, phone number, email, and other products of interest.

    3. Develop a plan. Once you have your goal established, and have your database created, you may then develop your email marketing plan.

    4. Measure your results. Generate periodic reports that contain information such as cost per contact and cost per sale. It is better to develop an Email marketing plan, that goes little by little, rather than creating a huge campaign the first time, it is better to build it up with the time. Simply start with a small piece of your database, to see how it goes, and then expand, until you reach all your clients.

    Note: Always try to personalize your emails, this way your clients will feel identified with you and your product as well.

    I really hope all these advices are useful to you.

     Have a great start of the month!!