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    Social Networks

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    As you may know, the websites Facebook.com and Twitter.com are on its boom. So why not capitalize on this and make the most of these social networks?

    Create a fan page for your business on Facebook and Twitter, invite your contacts to join and ask them to invite their contacts. This will also help to promote their newsletters, because that way, they can put the links of these bulletins, and on these pages. You can also ask the new fans who are interested in receiving information in their emails to register to your subscription form; this will make your list grow even more.

    Actually, you can take advantage of these social networks not only to gain new customers but also to promote their e-marketing newsletters.

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    Ways to increase your subscribers

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    Ways to increase your subscribers

    One of the main goals of email marketing is that our subscriber list grows every day. This way the product or service will be more known, and sales will  increase.
    So although I know that we have already discussed this issue in the past, today I wanted to share with you some new ideas on how to collect new subscribers, and also I will mention the ideas that I had given you.

    1. Send to a friend: Always include this option, because if your newsletter is really interesting I can assure you that more than one person will re-send it to someone who is not on your list. This new contact will most likely sign up to your list.

    2. Subscription Form: Include this form on all websites and in your newsletter.

    3. Business Card: On your company’s business card, invite people to visit their website, to sign up to their newsletter and receive the latest news.

    4. Personal contacts / business: Send an email from your e-mail to personal contacts and business contacts, inviting them to register for your mailing list on your subscription form.

    5. Pop-Up Messages: When someone finished visiting your website and proceed to close the window or navigate to another page, offer the option of filing your mail in a popup.

    6. Telemarketing: There are companies that specialize in doing this or you can ask someone from your company to do so. Call your current and past clients and ask for their email in order to register for the mailing list.

    7. Signature in e-mails: Include a link to the subscription form in the signature of your emails. Also ask your other co-workers to include it because most of the time you all have different customers. You can put a sentence like: Do you want to be part of our contact list? Click here to join.

    8. Referrals: Ask your current subscribers to invite their contacts to be part of your list, and if they do, you can give you a discount or a gift.

    9. Events: You can get people to sign up to your list, in the events you will participate in, or you can invite people you talk to, to be part of your list, you can give them the business card or you can create a flyer with this information.

    10. Discount Offer: You can give special discounts to people who register their list for the first time.

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    Unsubscribers and Spam

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     It is vital that you pay attention to the percentage of unsubscribers and spam.

    Constantly review emails sent before and have had low performance on these two points: unsubscribers and spam. Consider what could have caused a low percentage of recipients. To do this I recommend you do the following:

    • Make time to discover what topics are of interest to its subscribers.

    • Send a survey of various topics and interests and give them the opportunity to write their topics of interest. You may also ask them the reasons why they would unsubscribe to your list, so you can analyze more thoroughly why the other readers did.

    Remember that if your percentage of spam is high, your emails can start being blocked. So make sure your lists are all opt-in, follow the basic standards when creating your newsletters and remember not to buy databases.

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    Never Promise your Subscribers Something that you will Never Meet….

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    Good morning to all!!!

    As you all know today the world cup has started, and we want to be part of the world cup celebration. So simply comment in our Facebook/Twitter page who you think will win the world cup, and in one month we will give the winners 2,000 XC for FREE! If you comment back with more than one country we will only take in account the first option you gave. So let the bets begging!


    If you have your contacts/customers register to your mailing lists to receive information from you, send only information about you and the information you promised that you will send them. They do not start sending advertising other companies, or information that is not related to your company or information that they did not ask from your company.

    If you promise a newsletter of your products / services send them this newsletter. If you promise a discount every 15 days, send these newsletters discount every 15 days.

    Always follow what you say and so customers know that your company is serious and has a commitment.

    Have a great weekend, and remember to  comment saying who you believe the winner will be in the south africa 2010 world cup!

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      Why should you follow us on Facebook and Twitter?  
    Because, you will be informed of the latest news, you can participate in giveaways and promotions, you will know other customers opinions , and you will be the first to know about new developments in Emailbrain.

    Invite your friends too, so that so that they all know how fabulous is the world of email marketing and Emailbrain.

    If you have not done it yet, what are you waiting for? Join our network of Facebook and Twitter right now.

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    Some Tips

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    The best advice I can give for your email marketing campaign is that they must keep your newsletters entertaining, understandable and fun. Always remember to include your website (if you have one) in your newsletters, that way if your readers want to know more about your company, they can click and go to your website.

    If you really want to keep your customers continually buying yourr products / services, create a strategy, such as:

    • Discounts

    • Free Shipping

    • Gifts

    You can also make your current customers recommend new customers and also give prizes / discounts for each customer they refer (Like a referral program). This is also a good strategy to grow your database.

    So it’s really simple to keep your customers happy, and if they are happy, that will benefit you in all ways.

    So keep your newsletter updated, easy to understand, entertaining and make good deals so your clients can take advantage of them and purchase from you!