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    ROI in Email Marketing is very high; it is very well worth it.

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    It is a really smart idea to use Email Marketing,  as your main Marketing Strategy. Not only because it is really inexpensive but also because it gives great results.

    All our clients are obviously using Email Marketing, and what I want to suggest is that you take full advantage of this tool. You must tell yourself: How can I do this if I am already engaged in Email Marketing? Well, the best way to do this is to make sure that everytime you send out a newsletter, you use all the features that Emailbrain offers you such as segmenting, so you can send the newsletter to all the people that wish to receive the information.

    Also, always update the content of your newsletters, and try to make them the most interesting as possible. The time you spend in creating your newsletter, will be totally worth it.

    Advantages of using Emailbrain as your ESP are that we can offer you features that will be really important at the time of sending out your campaign such as a dedicated ip, and a dedicated server, we will place the unsubscribe link in the footer of your emails, and in the top too if you would like that option, we will take care of your hardbounces, and softbounces, we can offer you full reports and statistics, with your open rate, unsubscribe rate, bounce rate, click through rate, we are whilisted with major IPSs, and also we have google analytics integration, and an API integration as well.

     So we encourage you to take advantage of Email Marketing since the ROI is so high.

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    Downgrading and Upgrading made easy for you in Emailbrain

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    Are you consistent with the amount of emails that you send per month?

    If you are not, this blog may be very interesting for you.

     Emailbrain in the past, was not offering the option of downgrading or upgrading your account, via online inside your Emailbrain Account, you actually had to contact the Billing Department to make these changes.

     To provide you with a better and faster service, you can now downgrade or upgrade your Emailbrain account without having to contact one of our representatives, and the best part is your change will update immediately.

    All you have to do is go to your account, Click on Set up Options, then on Change Account, and you will then pick the plan that you want, and I click on Change Account. The credits that you previously had as monthly will last until one month later of your new payment.

    I hope you use this feature every time you need it. Thanks for reading our blog!

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    Gmail’s change to their image display

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    Have you now noticed that when you receive an email in your Gmail, sometimes it shows the images automatically, but sometimes you have to click on display images, for them to show?

     Well, it has been a year since Gmail said that if you sent at least 2 emails, to the address that is emailing you, they will automatically download it.

    As a suggestion, I strongly recommend that you monitor your sends in the Reports and Statistics Section of Emailbrain, to see if your Gmail emails are being opened without a problem. Also, it will be a great idea to use the link that Emailbrain provides at the top of the emails to reinforce the option of unsubscribing, if your client would like to do so. Furthermore, ask your clients to add your email address to their contact list and this will guarantee them receiving your emails, without getting filtered by Gmail or any other email provider.

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    Outlook 2010 will originate errors when receiving emails that contain HTML code like Outlook 2007.

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    The whole problem with Outlook and HTML code not being compatible started in 2007. Then, it has been hard to create a newsletter, since most HTML newsletters generate bugs in Outlook 2007. And, this is a huge problem, because nowadays most business people use outlook as their work email.

     Even though there has been many criticism involved with outlook 2007, because of the problem mentioned above, they announced they will be using the same engine.

     So, my advice to you is that you always use our test feature, before sending out your Email Marketing Campaign, that is the only way you will make sure that there is not a problem with your newsletter, when being received by Microsoft Outlook.

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    What makes Email Marketing so effective.

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    Email Marketing, not only is the most inexpensive way of Marketing but also it has many advantages when compared to traditional marketing.  Traditional marketing such as direct mail is declining because of its high costs in printing, and delivering, as well as with newspapers, magazines, and flyers. A website is never as direct as an email marketing message, since the website has information written on it but the email can be more specific as to what the client is looking for. When a company advertises through radio or even television, their message is being exposed to anyone, without previous segmenting of who really wants to see/read or receive the message.

    Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and even blogs can unite us with our customers, but it is only interesting to people who are in sync with events that are coming up very soon. The ROI on Email Marketing is very high compared with other sources of Marketing. Another advantage of Email Marketing is that is that you can send the email whenever you want to, and as soon as your recipient checks their invoice, they will receive the message that you are sending them. Another aspect that favors email marketing is the ability to segment what each group of your clients wants to receive or is interested in.  A great way of Marketing now a days: Email Marketing.

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      Dear valuable customer,  
    Keep in mind that Emailbrain has a blog, which was created just for you! In our blog, you will be able to find the lastest news on email marketing and everything that is occurring in Emailbrain. In our blog, we will be sharing with you our thoughts, our knowledgement and even more.Log in right now to http://blog.emailbrain.com/english

    and start this experience with us.
    Remember that this is also your blog, so we will be waiting for your comments.


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    Subscription Form

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    The whole relationship with your customers in e-marketing begins with the subscription form. So bear in mind that you should create a subscription form easy to understand, short and clear.

    Design: Do not put too many colors, this should simply bring your logo and the information you want to obtain. The simpler it is the more attention it will attract.

    Be Clear: Indicate which are the required fields of information that your clients are filling out. You can put a link to your privacy policy in the form and your  new subscribers can be confident that their information will be safe and they will feel confident in giving you information.

    Fields: Do not make a subscription format with too many fields, ask for the most important information. If you make it very long, most subscribers will not want to fill out as much information, so at the end they will prefer not to register.

     Benefits: Before your clients register information, you can explain to them what information they will receive and how often. That way your customers are clear on what they are registering for.

    Remember to always put yourself in the shoes of your subscribers, not only when creating your newsletters, but also when creating your subscription forms.

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    How to prevent your clients from deleting your messages without reading them

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    Many times we think: Do clients you read our newsletter? Is the information interesting? There is nothing sadder than creating a newsletter that recipients will not read. I can assure you that you have received newsletters in your inbox that you then immediately delete without reading, or am I wrong? So I will give you a few tips that can help your clients not delete your newsletters.

    1. Be brief: Keep your newsletter very short. If it is too long, it is likely that the reader will not want to read it all, or might have too much work to read so much information.
    2. Use paragraphs: Use paragraphs between one idea and another, so your newsletters are more organized and easy to understand.
    3. Be Specific: No further explanation or long detours. Go to the point and say what he has to say. Use short sentences and paragraphs. So your readers understand everything immediately.
    4. Use Bold: Use bold for important points, so the reader can identify the most important thing for him/her.
    5. Images: Try to use images that have to do with the subject and that way the reader relates information to the image and it is easier to understand.
    6. Subject: The subject line should clearly convey what is the newsletter about, and must be under 40 characters.