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    Recycle Bin

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    Many of you have probably already realized that there is a recycle bin in your Emailbrain account. When we used to inadvertently remove files such as newsletters or mailing lists by mistake, we had to start from scratch again, and previously we could not recover these deleted files.

    So when we launched the new version of Emailbrain few months ago, we thought that this was not fair to you, and we decided to create a recycle bin. Everything you delete as your images, newsletters, databases and mailing lists will be stored in the Recycle Bin.

     Note that your deleted information does not remain there forever, every Sunday the content gets removed. So if I delete something by mistake do not hesitate to go to the recycle bin before Sunday.


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    9 Benefits of Email Marketing

    Before talking to you about the topic of the day, I wanted to remind you that we have a competition on Facebook. So I invite you to read more about it to participate and vote for your favorite. Just click here for complete information.

    Email Marketing is today’s most important online tool  for marketing.
    According to a study by Forrester, it was concluded that “Email has reached almost universal penetration, close to 97% of consumers, and 94% of marketers are using this channel.”
    Another study by Jupiter Research says “87% of the time consumers spend online, they spend it on reading their emails.”
    Several studies done on email marketing have also shown benefits for businesses.

    1. Low Costs.
    2.  Able to carry out detailed monitoring of newsletters sent, and thus be able to see the results of the campaign.
    3. Easy to use.
    4. Efficient management of contacts and creating specific lists.
    5. Improved communication with customers.
    6. Help increase sales.
    7. Increased number of potential customers.
    8. No limits on the amount of information put in your newsletter.
    9. A medium totally direct.

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    Yahoo / Spam

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    Today, I want to talk about how Yahoo handles spam, and how does this affect the sender when sending an email marketing campaign.

    Yahoo is one of the largest email providers in the world, with over 300 million users globally. So this company must take strict measures for its service to remain being the best and not creating problems for their users, they usually generate several situations that affect the reputation of the senders. Please keep this in mind the following points when you are going to send your newsletter, so that your emails are not blocked and you do not get fame of being a spammer.
    • Unexpected increases in the volume of emails from specific IP address. This can be considered a spam attack.
    • A high number of emails sent directly to the trash without being opened.
    • The campaigns should always be sent with the same email address.
    • A high percentage of users clicking the spam button to an email received.
    • Use a customized subject line, for example, put the name of the client. This can be considered as spam because most spammers use it as art.

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    The most important asset of an Internet Business

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    Hello everyone!

    Before starting today’s topic, I would like to remind you that today we launched our New Drag and Drop Editor. So, do not hesitate to try it and would be delighted to hear your comments about this new editor. Of course, you can select which of the two editors to use, whether traditional or drag and drop. For more information read our blog from September 3rd.

    The most important asset of an Internet Business
    If there is an accident in your office, such as a fire, an earthquake, a hurricane, etc. .. and you could only save one thing, what would you save?

    Personally, I would save the list of contacts for my business, since for an internet business this is the most important asset of any business on the Internet. Why? Because if I lose this list, I would have to start building my lists from scratch and you know it takes a long time. So if you lost everything, the list of contacts will allow you to rebuild the business you had.

    You can create a product, a website, but it is very difficult to rebuild a list of subscribers and gain the confidence and credibility for you and your business. If you disagree with me, leave me  your comment of what would be the most important thing to you and why, or let me know why you disagree with me.

    Have a great day!

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