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    MarketingSherpa’s Email Awards 2011: Enter to win!

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    MarketingSherpa publishes useful news, case studies, and best practices data about internet and integrated marketing.. 

    You can say that they are quite an expert in all type of marketing stuff  including Email marketing.

    Winning an award from them is quite an honor and we believe that all the Emailbrain family should participate!!!

    They have a range of categories to choose from, which are:

    •    Best triggered email or autoresponder series
    •    Best integration with other channels
    •    Best email list growth campaign
    •    Best personalization/segmentation strategy
    •    Best email newsletter for marketing purposes
    •    Best innovation (this is wide open — surprise us!)

     Simply click  here  and you will be taken to their entry form. In this form, you will find all the information you need in order to participate, and remember all this info is in your Emailbrain’s  account. 

    What happens if you win

    Your email campaign will be published in the MarketingSherpa Email Awards Winners’ Showcase as well as being featured in their newsletter, you’ll receive recognition at MarketingSherpa’s 2011 Email Summit in Las Vegas and you’ll receive a badge to display on your site.
    All in all, it’s great publicity, has the potential to generate a lot of  traffic to your website and it is guaranteed to impress the big shots! 

    Entries must be received by Friday 3rd December 2010. 

    One last thing please let us know if you do enter!


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    FeedMail (RSS to Email): The Smart Way to Publish Blogs to Email

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    Publish any feed, like your blog, to an email newsletter and send it to subscribers on a scheduled basis using the intelligent FeedMail application. The FeedMail application was launched a few days ago and it is an easy to use feature that will benefit many of the Emailbrain advanced users.

    Getting started is easier than you think:

    1. Select FeedMail (RSS to Email) from under the blue Newsletter menu.

    2. Select the “create” button if you would like to create a new feed. This button is located below the panel of your existing RSS FeedMails.

    If you have existing feeds, then select the edit icon to edit and the recycle bin icon to delete it.


    3. Now give a name to your FeedmMail (RSS) newsletter

    4. Enter the address for your feed in the blank text box provided (REMEMBER – it’s your feed’s URL we need, not the standard URL). If you don’t know the correct URL then look for the orange RSS icon somewhere on your blog and click on it to retrieve the URL.


    5. Select one of our stylish templates from the dropdown menu, or select “Custom XML/style URL” if you would like to create your own style.

    6. If you select the custom style, a blank text box will appear. Fill in the text box with the URL of where your CSS file is located.

    7. Press “save” and your saved feed will appear on the initial landing page. After you have pressed saved you will see your feed in preview panel. Press “save and schedule” to set the dates and times of when you would like to send.

    By sending your RSS feed out using the FeedMail application you’ll get our reporting tools which will enhance your understanding of your readers interests.

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    How much sales oriented should your newsletter be, are you being too forceful?

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    When I tell people I work in email marketing, they immediately associate me with a spammer.  Even though email marketing has a good reputation among marketers as an effective marketing channel, the average person (even though he subscribes to a number of newsletters himself) associates email marketing with those countless: Buy one, get one free, 75% OFF!, Get a FREE laptop, and Get your 50% DISCOUNT if you purchase NOW, emails cluttering up his inbox. This is what is called the sales push. 

    Email marketing’s purpose is to promote your product or service, but the fact is that no one constantly wants a sales pitch shoved down their inbox every five minutes.  I recently had to answer the question “What is an email newsletter?”, and while answering I realized again how much more there is to a newsletter than people expect. 

    An email newsletter is so much more than a promotion call-out. Well created newsletters offer something of value to its subscribers, whether it is product information, industry insights, or relevant news, updates or events regarding your business or product.  Sales emails don’t build customer relationships, they only do drive sales; but a customer relationship ensures long term sales, rather than a once-off sale.  And your newsletter can build that relationship – by adding value to your recipient. Even though, a promotion is always a good way to boost your newsletter response, it will definitely not work if you use the same trick all the time.  For example, if you offer subscribers a 25% discount every week, which means that the product is actually priced 25% higher than it should be, and that you’re simply selling it at “discount” to generate more sales. Clients will then realize you are putting the price up on purpose, and they will not believe in your discounts anymore. Promotions are more effective when sent occasionally. 

    Randomly send your newsletters with the occasional sales, promotion or discounts, but avoid being too repetitive. The bottom line is to keep your content balanced and think about what you can offer your subscribers that will keep them happy with what you are sending them.

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    When creating a newsletter: Go to the point!

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    The best way to get your client’s permission, and for them to engage to your newsletters is by always being honest with them and never try to trick them, by putting information on the subject line that once they open the newsletter, they realize that what was on the subject line was misleading and had nothing to do with what was inside the newsletter. It is very important that everytime your subscribers open your newsletter, they have a good impression of what you are sending them, and are very happy to receive what you are sending them.

     Another really important point to consider when sending your newsletter is how often you are planning to email them. Basically, the key is to have a balance. If you send too many emails, the recipient will feel annoyed by you, but if you barely send any emails, and then they will end up forgetting about you or your business. If you do not have anything important to write, avoid writing because they will end up unsubscribing, they will lose interest in what you are sending to them.

     If you focus on sending them information, that is important and that they are happy to receive, they will want to read all the emails you send them, and they will feel that it is important for the to open what you are sending them. And then comes into place what is called “word of mouth”. Your recipients will be happy to share information with their co workers, friends etc.

     You should always put yourself in your subscriber’s shoes and ask yourself: Is what I am sending interesting, would I like to receive that in my inbox? If the answer is yes, you can rest assured you are doing a great job!

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    Hotmail has made a change in its interface

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    They’re making it possible to integrate different email addresses into your Hotmail account, without changing your email addresses. Basically, this means that you can register and validate your existing email address from any email client (like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, etc.) and read and use it within the Hotmail interface. Kind of like Microsoft Outlook, only web-hosted.

    You’ll be able to use all Hotmail features (and they’ve rolled out plenty of new ones recently). If you want to find out how to do, read their instructions here

     The reason why hotmail is making this changes according to Dick Craddock, Group Program Manager at Hotmail, is because they understand that most of us already have an email address and that users don’t always want to inconvenience themselves by changing their existing address. “You already have at least one email address and you probably don’t need another.

    You may also use your existing address for things other than just email, such as signing in to online shopping sites, which makes changing even more challenging. Also, you might have an address that you really like, but a similar name might not be available on another email service. So we looked for a way to make it easier for people to give Hotmail a trial run.” Apparently it will take a few days for this feature to be available internationally.

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    Add your Subscription Form on your Website

    Entering your subscription form on your website is one of the most desirable and useful to gather new subscribers for their email marketing campaigns.

    One advantage is that you can gather information through custom fields and then use this information to get to know your subscribers and further practice segmentation when making your sends.
    Subscription through the subscription form can be done on a voluntary basis and they may require double confirmation to its subscribers in order to guarantee the accuracy and authorization of the subscriber. This is called in the world of email marketing a opt-in double.
    Emailbrain has recently improved its system allowing you to enter a subscription form to any website and we have added a new style format: “the pop-up format “.

    Discover the possibilities it can offer to add a subscription form on your website and begin to increase the number of subscribers in a natural and immediate way! What are you waiting for to start?