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    Tips for a good newsletter design

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    It does not really matter if you are a professional designer or not when designing your newsletter, what matters is that you understand that designing an effective email marketing campaign can be challenging. So we want to help you overcome  these challenges and help you create  your newsletter with the best techniques.

    Did you create  two versions?
    Always remember to create two versions of your  newsletters, one in HTML and other text. Why? Because if you only send the HTML version, your subscribers that don’t have the capability to receive HTML messages will not receive it or they will simply receive a newsletter with  nonsense characters.

    Did you design  for the 5 largest suppliers of email?
    Keep in mind  that your  designs must not only look good with one email provider, it must look good on the most commonly used today. According to a study by MarketingSherpa 2010 Email Marketing Benchmark Report, 80% of users use the following 5 email providers:


    Using our new Inbox Preview feature before you send will assure you that your clients will receive your newsletter correctly.

    Did you include a link to a web version?

    Although you have tested your newsletter with several email providers, there still the option that some of your subscribers  uses their smartphone to check their emails. This is why you must include a link to view the web version. This way, they will simply click on the link and they will see your newsletter without any problems.

    Did you use colors that are beneficial for you?

    No one can deny that the color of their newsletter has much effect on the design. Well-use colors can draw your readers attention to the most relevant information on the newsletter.  The colors should be a complement and every component of the newsletter should be tight together.  Experiment with the colors until you find the perfect combination, and at all costs avoid colors that do not attract attention.

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    TriggerMail – New version

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    Our new version of automatic triggers, is an autopilot mode for your email marketing campaigns. Automatic triggers are automated emails that are sent when activated or programmed to do so – you’re the one who decides when this happens. Automatic triggers can vary from a date or time. We offer a series of triggers to choose from, so you are sure to find one that suits your needs. This feature will save time and simplify the management of your email marketing campaign.

     There are six different types of automatic triggers, which are:

    Set a date weekly, monthly or yearly to serve as a trigger for seasonal messages or reminders of payment. Customize your campaign by setting the individual birthdays of customers to send congratulations.
    Schedule Triggers:
    With schedule triggers  you can schedule when you want a newsletter to be sent – date and time. It is ideal for a recurring monthly send, such as an invoice. So if you want your customers receive their bills at 9 am on the first day of each month, automatically Emailbrain sends it at that time that day.
    Email Open Triggers: 
    Send an automated email when a subscriber opens up your newsletter. It is ideal for sending a series of emails, for example, to introduce a new service or a guide to one of their products.
    Link Click Triggers: 
    Link Click you can use when someone clicks a specific link  of the product or service in  your newsletter.

    Subscribe Triggers:
    When a reader clicks on “subscribe”, they will automatically receive a follow-up email confirmation, thanking them on the subscription or welcoming them.

    Unsubscribe triggers 
    When a subscriber unsubscribes from your newsletter, you can make a newsletter automatically send a confirmation to be sure that if you want to unsubscribe.

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    You can now view your Text message Statistics – SMS sends

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    Many of you wanted to know what happened to your text messages after they were sent. Previously there was no way to tell, but now there is! If you go to Reports & Statistics section of SMS you can track what happened to your SMS campaigns.

    It is very similar to our reports and statistics email menu.



    Every time you send an SMS campaign, you can see how many were delivered, how many are to be delivered and how many were not delivered, it will also give the reason why it was not delivered.
    In the SMS section go to Reports & Statistics and click on send and you are ready …

    As you can see, it is very easy to use and understand.