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    Are you aware of your target audience?

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    Now days, in Email Marketing, you must consider all your audience when you write your newsletters. It only makes sense that when planning campaigns you target the different needs of your existing and prospect clients. Don’t create email campaigns only because you need to sell or because you need to sell more of a specific product. Push promotions that are customized to your customers and that can benefit both, you and your customer.

     Remember your readers will only open the email if it has information that pertains to them.  Keep in mind the demographics of people that visit your website or store. Ask yourself if your product is national or international? Although it is more likely that you sell locally, you still have to keep in mind customers that visit your web site from other regions. What kind of life style do they have?  It is important to know if your customers are into sports, physical fitness, etc. Are your customers male or female or a mixed of both?  These are just some of things you should consider when doing your search.

     Based on that information you will be able to determine who your target audience is. For example; “My target customer is a middle-class woman in her 30s or 40s who is married and has children, and is environmentally conscious and physically fit.” Now you can determine how many people in that segment are potential customers and that are in your area, how many buy from the competition, and how many are not loyal to any provider in specific. 

    Once you know who your best customers are, you will be able to target the group that you identified. It will also help you extend your target marked. Remember do the job and it will pay off.

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    Take your email blast to the next level

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    Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Would you like to receive a long boring newsletter with no images or colors that draw your attention? Most likely not, you will hit the delete button without hesitation.  Not taking the time to create effective newsletters, can affect your brand and lose the opportunity to grow your customer base.

     Here is the recipe for success in email marketing:

    What makes a great dish like in any other recipe is the quality of the ingredients that were used to prepare it. These are the ingredients you must keep in mind when creating your newsletter: Character, Personal, Interest,  Urgency, Clarity, and Consistency.

    Character: or what we call personality is what sets you or your company apart from all the many other newsletters your customer receives. How do you add value? There are many ways to do this. You can create a contest, tell a story about your business, or even include information your customers have shared with you.

     Personal: there is nothing more misleading than receiving information from people or companies unknown to us. That is why it is important to customize your newsletter with your customer’s name. When you add their name, subscribers will be more responsive to your emails because it establishes a connection between you and your customer.

    Interest: Stop and think what makes you want to read an article? Those reasons are similar to the ones of your readers. You have to incite readers to open your email. The best way to do this is by creating an inviting subject line. I will suggest to  write subject lines like this “Helpful tips to consider when creating your newsletter”.

    Urgency: You need to give your readers a reason to take action. You can do this by having special promotions, a contest, or give an extra bonus to first few responders.

    Clarity: There is nothing more upsetting for a reader than not understanding the information they have on hand. Be clear on your instructions whether you want your customer to call to receive a quote or email you for support.

     Consistency: the most important of these rules. You have to make sure your subject line is consistent with the body of the email. Remember your readers are opening the newsletter because of  information on the subject line.

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    Email Etiquette not a thing of the past

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    Your newsletter is still an email and you should maintain your email etiquette. Keep in mind these few points for the next time you send information to your customers

     -Create a subject line that is not misleading and that is accurate with the content of the email. Do not use bogus lines and DO NOT use spam liked words like “Free” or “Hot Deal” Spam filters are gauged to pick these types of words up and your customers most likely would not open your email.

     -Send to opt-in emails ONLY. Be respectful and only send to those that have subscribed to your list and want to receive your emails.

     -Be concise, remember you are not writing a novel. Customers are less likely to read your newsletter if you send out unnecessary information. You are going to lose the interest of your email list.

     - Do not write the entire email in capital letters. Customer might get the impression you are shouting. Besides it is distracting and difficult to read.

     -Proofread, proofread, proofread, I can’t count how  many times that I have received emails with misspelled words. These mistakes for small that they seemed show no respect to your readers and send the message that you do not care enough about them, and in turn they will not care to read the information you send them.

    -If you are personalizing your emails make sure you are writing the right name. If you are not sure of the spelling, take the time to find out.

     Remember just follow these simple rules and I can assure you that your readers will appreciate receiving your email marketing campaigns.

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    Templates for your newsletters

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    Since you took the first step to create an email marketing account and you’re ready to start in this new world, you might be thinking now, What style should I use with my newsletters? How to make them? How  will they  look?

    It is logical that the content in your newsletters is important, as it must convey your message to your customers, but the way it looks and feels is even more important. Why? Since you are showing your brand and your company image, you must remember that the first impression is visual (all enters through the eye), so if you readers get a first best impression, I can assure you that they will read it.

    For this reason, you will always find a number of free templates on your account, which you can modify and make them your own, with your style and brand. In these pre-designed templates you simply change the text, images and logo and you are ready to send. Using the pre-designed templates will help you create an organized newsletter with good content that will attract attention.

     Also remember that our design department may create your fully customized template for an extra cost. So if you prefer that our team of professionals will create it for you, you can send an email to templates@emailbrain.com.

    Once you have your template ready,  you can send your newsletter and begin to see how your customers will open it and enjoy it ..