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    Send a survey to your subscribers

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    When you’re planning your email marketing campaigns, always put yourself in the shoes of your readers. So the best thing to do is send your subscribers a survey and so you can learn more about their tastes, what they expect from your newsletters and your company.

    I recommend you send 3 surveys a year so you can compare if their tastes have changed, if new subscribers are more demanding or not. But be careful not to fill them with questions, make simple and easy questions to answer and if they are in better multiple-choice. Today, everyone lives in the rush, so if they see something very long, they are not going to respond.

    To send a survey from our system simply follow these steps:

    To create a survey form using your subscription format, you must first create a database.

    To do this, go to “Database Set Up”, “Create Dataset”, grant the database a name and click save. In the following 25 fields simply type the questions you want in your survey.

    Save the changes and when finished click “Subscription Form ” then “Set Up Form. ”

    In the field section select “Enable form fields” Then check each field you want to be seen in the survey when finished, click on “save.”

    To insert the survey in your HTML web page click on “Insert Form” just copy and paste the code into your page.

    If you want to send it as a newsletter, create a new one or use an existing one. In the editor click on the icon to insert form and save your changes when finished.

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    How to be successful in social networks


    To be successful with your customers in social networks, follow these steps and you will be able to increase the number of subscribers you have, and have more success in their email marketing campaigns:

    • Keep your message simple- Simply write something short about the newsletter you send out, not many explanations, not complicated messages will be read.

    • Give reasons to Share- When writing your newsletter, think about the reasons why you would share. If you have more than one reason then you are on the right track (think like the customer). Remember that if you make more people want to share their news bulletins on social networks, there is a high probability that you get more subscribers. So give reasons to share, do promotions, contests and good information.

    • Know that social networks use your contacts more- Learn the most popular social networks among your subscribers and focus on those. It’s not worth putting much effort into a network if a minimum percentage of your subscribers use it. Take your time and investigate the preferences of your subscribers, you can do a survey if you wish.

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    Get subscribers through your Facebook page by setting up a custom iFrame form

    There’s no point in having the perfect email newsletter without having anyone to send it to. First, you need to establish a list of contacts, and this begins with building a subscription form that lets interested people sign up to your email communications.

    These days clients and prospects are very likely to be searching for you on social networks. Therefore, your company’s Facebook Page is an ideal perch for your email sign-up form, since it is highly visible and accessible.

    In times past, if you wanted to add widgets to your Facebook Fan Page, you needed to use the Static Facebook FBML application (Facebook Markup Language). However, Facebook recently announced that they would be discontinuing their support of FBML in favor of iFrame. This is actually good news from a marketing point of view as FBML was restrictive about what was allowed within Facebook.

    Emailbrain investigated how setting up a custom tab on Facebook using iFrame can be done – which can be difficult if you’re new to email and social media marketing.

    Here then is our complete, foolproof step-by-step guide to building Facebook subscription forms via iFrame:

    Action Summary:

    1. Create subscription form on your Emailbrain account.
    2. Grab the form’s HTML code.
    3. Add it to your Facebook page via the iFrame tab.

    PHASE 1: Create a subscription form on your Emailbrain account

    Log in to your Emailbrain account and you will see a list of subscription form options on the left navigation:

    Subscription Form
    • Subscription form wizard
    • Setup Form
    • Put it on your website
    • Autoresponders

    The easiest and quickest option is, of course, to use the subscription from wizard.

    Step 1 – Set up the design of your subscription form

    Once you’re in the wizard, you are given a few basic building blocks to work with:

    • Logo: Select the image you want to use as the logo for your subscription form and upload it to the top of the form.

    • Background Color: Pick a color for the subscription form background.

    • Text: Choose the style, size and the color for the text on your subscription form

    • Subscription Form (text link) buttons: Choose the style, size and the color for the text links on your subscription form

    Once you are done with these, you can preview your subscription form and keep tweaking the above steps until you have the most desirable product.

    (Note: If you are looking for more flexibility in the design that the form can be further customized via the “Subscription Form Setup” option.)

    Subscription form wizard

    Step 2 – Choose your main subscription list(s)

    At the next screen you are about to define how and which lists your subscribers will be signing up to through this form. These options are:

    • New subscribers will be saved to a single mailing list
    • New subscribers will have the option to subscribe to multiple mailing list.
    • Select the existing mailing lists to display on your subscription form

    Naturally, pick whichever option works best for you.

    (Note: New mobile numbers will be saved to your mobile list)

    Step 3 – Choose the fields to display on your subscription form

    Here you decide what information you want from news subscribers by ticking the relevant fields and sections to be displayed in your subscription form.

    You are able to choose from:
    • Entry Name
    • Email Address
    • Mobile Number
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Occupation
    • Industry

    (Note: In the advanced mode Address Book, you can customize your address book format further (e.g. change field labels, create fields with your own dropdown menus, checkboxes and so on.)

    And with that, your subscription form is finished.

    PHASE 2: Placing the subscription form on your Facebook page

    When you place a subscription form onto your website, you have 3 different options available; however for our purposes, please select the last option in the list, namely: “Embed the entire form onto your website”.

    Step 1 – Capturing and embedding the HTML code for your form

    On the next page we can generate either javascript or non-javascript code for your subscription form (please select the Non-javascript version).

    Copy the HTML in the text area (temporarily into notepad) which you will later be pasting to your Facebook page, enabling visitors to subscribe to your newsletters.

    Subscription form

    Step 2 – Installing IFrame and navigating the HTML code interface

    Go to your Facebook page. In the top search bar, search for “Static IFrame Tab”, choose the page you want to add the application to and then hit the install button.

    Once the installation is done, click on the “Static IFrame tab” on the left navigation:

    There will now be a screen with the following options available to you:

    • “Edit Tab Content”
    • “Edit Tab Name”
    • “Set Default Landing Tab”
    … and more.

    For now, click on “Edit Tab Content”.

    There are a lot of options available here that may be altogether confusing, however we can very simply and directly proceed to add our form since we’ve already acquired the HTML version when we created it on the Emailbrain backend.

    To insert your HTML code:

    • Select the option to work in HTML mode.

    • Copy your subscription form code from notepad.

    • In the large text area, paste your subscription form HTML so that it sits in between the following statements in the code:



    • Scroll down and click “Save”. Your subscription form is now loaded onto your Facebook page and ready to implement.  Now, just a few housekeeping tasks are needed before the operation is finished.

    EB newsletter subscription test

    Step 3 – Setting up  your subscription form

    At the moment your subscription form has been assigned with a default name. It’s important that you change this to something more prominent that will make it clear to your fans and followers that this tab contains your newsletter subscription form. For example; something obvious and instantly noticeable, such as “Monthly Newsletter Sign-Up”.

    And so, to change the name of your subscription form:

    • Go to your wall, click on “Edit Page” on the right menu, then click on “Apps” on the left menu.
    • Scroll down to “Static IFrame Tab” and click on “Edit settings”.
    • A pop-up window will appear which allows you to enter a custom tab name.
    • Once you’re done typing, click on “save” and then “okay”.
    • Next click on “Manage Permissions” tab on the left menu.
    • Go down to the “default landing tab” option and select the tab you have just created (it should be listed as the name you have just given it, making it very visible.)

    That’s it!  Congratulations! Your custom subscription form will now display on your Facebook page.

    From the “Manage Permissions” screen, click on “View Page” to take you back to your page.

    And voila! You will notice that the name of your subscription form landing page is now displaying as an item in the left menu. Fans and friends on Facebook are now just a few keystrokes away from signing up to your mailing list.

    If you are uncertain about whether your form is displaying and working correctly, feel free to have a third party look at your page and sign up for via his or her own personal Facebook account as a test.

    Final Note: Usually one would need to host a subscription form on a separate server in order to get the image to be available for display to all viewers (such as when you load images onto a HTML newsletter), but since you’ve created the subscription form on your Emailbrain account, the image is hosted by default on our server and pulls through directly to your Facebook page.

    EB newsletter subscription test

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    Social Network Yearbook

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    I wanted to share with you today a chart made ​​by Five Media Column, we felt it was very funny and represents this century. Hope you enjoy it.


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    Recommendations to begin creating your email marketing campaigns

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    Before starting to create your campaign, we want to give some recommendations that will come in handy to those who are new to the world of email marketing. If you are no longer new to the topic, you can see the recommendations and take them into account, and follow them.

    Get permission opt-in- Before you begin creating your newsletters and emails make sure that they are all opt-in. Remember that you will always need to have permission from your clients to send their information.  It’s important because we do not want and are sure that you do not want your readers to mark your emails as spam and delete them without even seeing them.For more information on opt-in please click here

    Plan your campaign -What do you want from your email marketing campaigns? Want to increase sales? How do you make your designs? Will you send information about products/services or promotions only? Keep in mind what your objective in the campaigns is, what your target audience is and how you want to reach to them.

    Design -Plan something without  much color or text, there should always be a balance between them. Make it look very professional and catchy. Make sure you are following anti-spam rules to avoid being classified as spam by spam filters. Remember, we offer several pre-designed templates you can modify to fit your needs. Click here for more information on anti-spam rules.

    Links -make sure you add links in your newsletter that take your clients to your website or other places of interest. Remember that in the stats menu, you can see who clicked on the link and there you can learn more about their customers. Before sending, check, and make sure that all links are hyperlinked to the right place. Click here for more information.

    Subject line-It is the most important thing in your newsletter, so be careful on what you type in the subject line, and write something that catches their eye and makes your reader want to read the bulletin. For more information on subject lines click here

    Try a / b testing- Analyze what works best, you can send two different newsletters or two different subject lines. You simply select a percentage of your list and the system will send half to one part and the other part of your list, and it will tell you which was more successful. For more information on a / b testing, click here

    Delivery-  Once you have proof that your email was delivered, you are advised to make several tests, send to multiple email providers before sending, and see that everything comes correctly, you can now send to your mailing list.

    Report & Statistics- Once you have pressed send, you can see who opened your newsletter, who forwarded it, who clicked on your links, which were spam emails which do not exist and more. Note that you must wait 24 hours after sending your email marketing campaign to see accurate statistics. To find out how this section and that must wait 24 hours click here

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    Skype on your browser

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    Many of you see the bulletin perfectly in the preview, but when sending a test you do not see it how it should be.

     This can happen because it has the skype plug in installed in your browser and this brings problems. We’re not saying you should delete the Skype program on your computer, but should simply remove the plug in the browser.

    Our editor plugin for Skype makes a javascript code and it adds it to the newsletter being edited.

     So, to remove this plug in, click the drop-down menu of your browser and select “Remove Skype plugin / extension. ” If your plugin has already been removed, the code might have already been saved to your newsletter. If your newsletter was saved with this code, it is best to start your newsletter from the start, and you will not have problems. But if you do not want to start from scratch, we can give you an alternative (although it is preferable to start from scratch).
    Go to your newsletter and select to view HTML code, then look for:
    <script charset=”utf-8″ src=”chrome://skype_ff_toolbar_win/content/injection_graph_func.js”></script>


    document.MygetElementsByClassName = function(cl) {

        var retnode = [];

        var myclass = new RegExp(’\\b’+cl+’\\b’);

        var elem = this.getElementsByTagName(’*');

        for (var i = 0; i < elem.length; i++) {

        var classes = elem[i].className;

        if (myclass.test(classes)) retnode.push(elem[i]);


        return retnode;


    function checkSkype(){

        var arrSkype = document.MygetElementsByClassName(’skype_pnh_dropart_flag_span’)

        if(document.getElementById(’__skype_highlight_id_right’) || document.getElementById(’injection_graph_func’) || arrSkype.length>0){


            return true





    And delete it.

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    Make sure your clients read your newsletter

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    Here are some recommendations for your clients if they read the newsletters you send in your email marketing campaigns:
    • Make a well written newsletter that has a good balance of graphics and text.
    • Do not overestimate the time the target is spent in your email. Get to the point, not many explanations that are not necessary, if your newsletter is very long you probably do not read it.

    • Do not use long articles – including a summary and best put a link that allows them to go to the website to read the whole article if interested. So given the choice to read what each of your interest and see a long-newsletter full of information that the only thing that occurs they do not want to read it

    • Make sure the links are made ​​carefully and are correct.

    • Do not use very colorful designs, attacked, many images and text only. Make it easy for the recipient instantly identify topics of interest.

    • Select about 10 people on your list, and these 10 people divide in half, send to each list of “test” a newsletter different and compare the reaction with each list of “proof. ” This can be done with our test feature A / B. so you can see what is going to draw more attention and which should read more. The list will be more open with what must send the remainder of his list.

    • Consider what is the best time to send the newsletter to your customers. Click here to read an article in our blog so you know a little more on this point.
    (TEFI the link to this article in English is: http://blog.emailbrain.com/english/?m=201003