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    How to reach new future clients

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    In the email marketing  world, there are tips that you must follow:

     1. Do not purchase lists under any circumstances, it will lower your delivery rate for subscribers that are real.

     2. Make the subscription form an easy process, the first thing you need to do, is put the subscription form on your website. Another good idea is to write a blog, and make sure to put the link that goes to your subscription form on your website.

    3. If it takes time to do it right, then take your time. It is important that you take the time it requires, but make sure you add people who really wish to be on your list.

    4. Target your clients; it would be ideal if you can create different pages, so your clients can visit them according to their needs rather than just sending them to a general website.

    5. Make sure the unsubscribe link is visible, and it is working. If you do not provide your clients with a opt out form, and they want to unsubscribe, they will be furious.

    6. Avoid addresses that are general addresses such as: sales@, info@, support@, webmaster@ or postmaster@.

    7. Keep updating your lists and try to send in a frequent manner, that way your list will always be clean.

    8. Make sure that you have a link in which, your clients can forward the newsletter to your clients.

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    Tips on how to make your emails surpass the spam filter

    1. Avoid words like: cash, cost, and get rich.
    2. If your email looks like a mortgage pitch, then change it. Mortgage brokers have to make their newsletter not look like they are trying to sell something.
    3. Make sure you do not make your newsletter sound like it’s an emergency: words such as hurry, you will miss the offer, tends to be caught by spam filters.
    4. ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, too many symbols exclamation sign font is too big, and all red, or bold.
    5. If it sounds too good to be true, it will get caught by spam filters.  It is a one tome chance, is a typical phrase that will get caught by spam.
    6. Always send text plus an image, never send an image by itself.
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    Deliverability is controlled by the Email marketer, not by the ESP

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    Email Service Providers are not completely responsible for a low delivery rate. We usually think that when a mailbox is full, or you receive complaints it is  because the list or the newsletter is not clean. Sometimes certain user actions such as, the sender is sending misspelling certain words, or because the recipient felt that they did not subscribe to receive such mailing, that can make a huge difference.

     There are other factor that weight as much as the reputation of ESP involving the client sending the newsletter, such as: How clean the list is, and how clean the content of the newsletter is.

    How clean the list is:

     It is very important to abstain from buying lists, make sure the people you are sending your newsletters are opt-in, it is also recommended that you have your clients update their profile, and preferences, on the type of email they wish to receive.  That way you can segment your list even more, and send your clients exclusively what they want to receive.

    How clean the information inside the newsletter is:

    Always emphasize the fact that your client gave you permission, it is really important to let them know that they gave you permission for you to send them emails; sometimes they will make a complaint against you simply because they do not remember that they once allowed you to send them emails. Make sure that the content you send your clients,  is content that they fully wish to receive. Make sure you always send your subscribers, information they have told you on the past, they wish to receive.

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    Make your newsletter similar to your Website

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    It is really important that keep consistency between your website and the newsletters that you create.

    Make sure that clients identify your brand, and one way of doing this is by making sure that your newsletters is not all about looks, but also that it is consistent to your website. That way your clients can learn to recognize your website quite soon.

    The way you can get the best results when building your newsletters is by:

    No only put images- Keep in mind that newsletters are first seen on the previews, and that if you only put images, some email service provides do not show text on the preview, this will make the client delete the newsletter without even looking at it. That is why it is always good to combine text and images at the same time.

    Make sure your clients recognize your Brand name- It is very important that the client recognizes who the email is coming from, that way the will not automatically delete it.

    Focus on the subject line to have a good delivery rate- With our feature AB split test, you can compare two subject lines and determine, which of the two gives better result. You can test and send to a portion of your list with one subject line, and then the other portion of your list with the other subject line, that way you can realize which one gave best results.

    The email is always divided into 2 parts (unless it is too short to only have the second part). The first part is the one that has what you first see when you receive a newsletter, the second part is the one you see when you actually scroll down to the newsletter.

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