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    Successful Email Campaigns Start With the Basics


    If you Google email marketing, you will find hundreds of entries with guidance and advice on how to hit a home run with your email campaigns. And while there is a lot of information out there, most sites have very little to say. Don’t get intimidated. It’s important to remember that the success of email campaigns boil down to common sense more than any specialized knowledge. Here are some fundamentals …

    Your Message Must be Important. Small talk is fine for parties and personal email, but not for email marketing. To have a successful email campaign, you need to have something relevant to say. If you have nothing substantial to communicate, don’t send an email because when you do have something important to say, no one will be opening your emails. What is important? That really depends upon your industry. But new merchandise or services, special pricing or offers, or approaching deadlines are all newsworthy.

    If you have something substantial to say, it doesn’t matter what day of the week you send your email. It doesn’t matter if you send your email at 7AM or 7PM. It doesn’t matter if you email once a week or once a year. If it’s newsworthy, people will take notice and read your email.

    Communicate Directly. Don’t hype your email language – especially the subject line. Promotional language can trigger spam filters, and if your message does make it through, it will turn off your audience. People don’t want to open anything that resembles spam. Phrases like “incredible offer,” “for free,” “great deal,” “special promotion,” “deep discount,” “call now,” and “one-time only” should be used sparingly.

    Don’t get me wrong, you can promote your sale or special offer, but keep it simple and direct. Instead of a subject line like this: “Amazing Discounts – Hurry!” or “Limited Quantities” try “Winter Clearance Sale.”

    Use Your Email as a Lure. Your email should be a teaser to get your audience on the road to shopping, visiting your site, or taking other desired actions. You don’t want to give everything away in the email or there will be no incentive to take further steps – clicking on links – so that you can measure interest and actions. Your email should have tracked links so you can measure interest.

    To be a lure, your email should be attractive and professional which mean it should have text and images. HTML emails have a much better results rate but you should offer text only email to those people who prefer these as well.

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    Don’t Send Messages After Office Hours

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    Weekends, nights and holidays are, most likely, terrible times to get a message across your audience. If your email gets caught up in the inbox clutter that many of us receive each morning when we check our emails, chances are your message will end up in the trashcan.

    Know your target. Time your audience. Make sure that your west coast clients or potential customers get your messages during their business hours, same with your east coast clients.

    Separate your lists and take advantage of the SCHEDULE option EmailBrain offers. Ohh… and one more tip. Send your list at different times during business hours. One week send it at 10:00 AM, and the next week send it at 2:00 PM. Then go back to your account and analyze the REPORTS & STATS of each campaign. Nothing like trial and error to maximize the open-rates of your message.

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    Avoid Currency Signs ($$$) in the Subject Line

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    You may think that a dollar –or any currency– sign in the subject line of your message might be a clever way to promote a sale or a business. Truth is most people, including ISPs and junk mail filters, will delete your email without even finishing to read the subject line.

    Like I’ve said before, no one likes junk mail, and your email marketing campaigns should avoid any similarities with spam.

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    Recommendation for free Keyword tools

    So what can you do to get the right keywords to promote your site with search engines?

    There are two free keyword tools that we can recommend to you.

    1 – Since Google launched their Keyword Tool it has helped many websites positioned themselves at the top, by using different strategies. If you just want to do a general keyword search, for instance to get the right set of keywords for your content writing, use the seasoned Google Keyword Tool- to see a full list of keyword ideas customized to your website (typically excluding those already in your account), you would still have to sign in to your Google Adwords Account.

    2 – WordStream have their free keyword tool. It is very similar to Google, you can just search for a keyword such as “email marketing” and wait for the return of related keywords that are relevant to your desired search query. You can export the selected keywords or have them emailed to you. Vertical Leap recommends using this keyword tool alongside the Google keyword tool to ensure you have all long tail keyword areas and permutations covered within your SEO and PPC campaigns to maximize ROI.

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    Quick Tips On How To Improve Your Failing Website Rankings


    You might be a guru at sending email marketing campaigns and making yourself known within the social media sphere, but how much do you really know about on site website optimization?

    Search engine optimization is a combination of techniques employed throughout your website to ensure you move up within the search engine results. Google has a great webmaster SEO document that outlines the various methods to use when designing and developing your website. Even if you already have a website, there are plenty of tips and tricks in the document to help you along.

     So, have you been ignoring your website and not bothering to stick to the fundamental rules of search engine optimization? Is there any point in working tirelessly at promoting yourself online if you have a failing website that actually has so much potential?

    Here are a few quick tips on how to improve your rankings. And believe me, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

    Lets pretend you own a hotel website.

    Ensure you have meta tags

    Make sure you don’t have duplicate content

    Get quality links pointing to your website

    Submit articles to free article directories

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    Learn how to differentiate when someone wants to be on your list, or not.

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    In Email Marketing, it is important that you do not take for granted clients, and add them into your mailing list without permission.

    It is really important that you first ask whether they wish to be on your list or not. It is even better if you can confirm their permission with what is called a double opt-in. When someone subscribes online, it is because they had an interest in your website or your products or even your blog. Sometimes, when they sign up in the store, is because they feel obligated to sign up, because you were in front of them, so make sure you double opt in, when this is the case.

    You have to keep in mind that someone can visit your store because they came with a friend, or because they simply came to return something. Usually, when they visit your website is because they are interested in your company, and want more information. A business card that a client gives you does not necessarily mean that the client gave you permission. Make sure to ask before sending out the first newsletter, this will save you lots of headaches.

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