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    Why Use Email Marketing for Your Restaurant?

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    Restaurant email marketing can open the doors for you to gain quick market share, convert prospects into customers, and tighten the focus of your marketing efforts. Over the past few years, the use of Web and interactive marketing has increased drastically and shows no sign of slowing down as restaurants take advantage of email marketing as well as other Internet marketing tools.

    Restaurant email marketing principles are easy to execute. It doesn’t require a lot of money, time or a vast understanding of technology. Restaurant email marketing, when applied, can make your marketing message stand out from the fray and position your brand as a household word in the minds of your customers or prospective customers; Restaurant email marketing can lift your sales and it can be used by mom-and-pop businesses as easily as large corporations.

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    Real Estate Internet Marketing is a Necessity

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    The Internet has created a desire for immediate results, especially among consumers. They demand information that is relevant to their needs and they want it delivered in a timely manner. Consumers are pressed for time and making a decision about their home purchase is a matter that they weigh carefully—let’s face it, it’s a major purchase and decision. It makes sense to leverage this need for your business.

    Making contact and broadening your network takes careful thought and time and the following statistics should be an indication to all realtors how powerful Internet marketing can be for your business. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), over 60 percent of homebuyers with Internet access use the Internet to shop for real estate. Over 40 percent of all homebuyers use the Internet as a research tool for homes in their price range and desired location with over 77 percent of these Internet home shoppers buying through a realtor. These statistics are a pretty good indicator that an Internet presence is necessary and email marketing is an affordable solution.

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    Recommendation for free Keyword tools


    So what can you do to get the right keywords to promote your site with search engines?

    There are two free keyword tools that we can recommend to you.

    1 – Since Google launched their Keyword Tool it has helped many websites positioned themselves at the top, by using different strategies. If you just want to do a general keyword search, for instance to get the right set of keywords for your content writing, use the seasoned Google Keyword Tool – to see a full list of keyword ideas customized to your website (typically excluding those already in your account), you would still have to sign in to your Google Adwords Account.

    2 - WordStream have their free keyword tool. It is very similar to Google, you can just search for a keyword such as “email marketing” and wait for the return of related keywords that are relevant to your desired search query. You can export the selected keywords or have them emailed to you. Vertical Leap recommends using this keyword tool alongside the Google keyword tool to ensure you have all long tail keyword areas and permutations covered within your SEO and PPC campaigns to maximize ROI.

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    Your Business Cannot Exist By Email Alone

    Recently I waved my pompoms and did the “Go email!” cheer. But email marketing—as effective as it is—really needs to be part of a comprehensive marketing campaign. In order to send emails, you need to cultivate email addresses. And in order to cultivate email addresses, you must woo people to provide you with their emails. Offline and online, requesting an email address must be standard operating procedure just as asking for name, address, and telephone number.

    To grow your list, your web site should offer ample opportunity and incentive for people to provide their email address. A good practice is to offer an email-only sign up box on every page of your web site which goes to another page where more comprehensive information is requested but not mandatory. On this form, you can request details like their name and address and as well as their interests and background so you can customize their email messages or target their emails accordingly.

    You should also offer an incentive to opt into your list. Offering a one-time discount such as “Get $10 Off Your First Order” is good motivation. If no discount can be offered, the language you use can be just as motivational. For example, try “Sign Up for Exclusive News and Offers.”

    You should also include an email field on order forms and an opt-in subscription box.

    In addition to asking for email addresses, you will need to get people to your web site to give you their email addresses. Search engine advertising—though very expensive—has a very good return on investment (ROI). Using Yahoo Search Marketing or Google AdWords, you can have your company come up as a “sponsored listing.” You can be as high up as you are willing to pay. Costs can range from several dollars to 10 cents a click.

    Another way to generate traffic and email addresses would be to form partnerships with other businesses. This is called an affiliate program. For example, if you sell picture frames online, you may want to form a partnership with artists, photographers, and print shops and pay them a small fee for referrals.

    Online and traditional advertising will also generate traffic, but can be difficult to target and very costly. You can also pay a list broker to send out one of your emails, but that too can be very expensive and you have to wonder about the quality of their lists.

    The bottom line is that you can have the best products and services and a very professional email marketing program, but you need to keep finding ways to expand your list.

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    To Email or Not to Email…

    Email marketing has gotten a bad rap because of the massive amount of unwanted messages that clog up our inboxes. But don’t let the complaints about spam deter you from sending emails to your customers. More and more, email is becoming our main form of communication. And not only do consumers want to get email from businesses and organizations they support, but they are disappointed not to receive email with news and promotions.

    So for anyone who is selling a good, service or idea, email marketing is crucial to building relationships with customers. Here are the top reasons you should be using email to communicate:

    • Email marketing is very inexpensive. To reach people worldwide can cost a fraction of one cent per email. To reach a consumer through mail or telephone will cost at least one hundred times that.
    • Email marketing is fast. Unlike print, television and radio advertising, emails can be created and sent very quickly.
    • Email is intelligent. You can easily send customized email based on what a person tells you interests them as well as what you know interests them—what they have clicked on or purchased in the past.
    • Email is appreciated. Unlike spam, opt-in email marketing is unobtrusive and welcomed.
    • Email is environmental. No trees must die nor toxic inks dispersed for an email.
    • Email is effective. Email can be the equivalent of point-of-purchase marketing. Customers open your email and are just a few clicks away from making a purchase.
    • Email marketing is a level playing field. Where else can one-person shops and multi-million dollar businesses compete on equal footing? Nowhere except your inbox.

    And the last but most important reason: email communicates with your audience. You may have the best products, prices, or services in the world, but if you don’t share them with your customers, you won’t be successful

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