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    How to know if my email marketing campaign was successful

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    Whenever you are sending an email marketing campaign, you might wonder:  Will it successful? Will it have a good open rate? What will your clients think of promotion and / or information sent? But how can we know the answers to these questions, in order for us know if it was successful or not.

    To know whether it was a successful or not, it is very simple, you should create goals in each campaign. You can for example decide that in the campaign that will be sent tomorrow, out of your 50 contacts, you need 10% of them respond to the newsletter. If you see that you achieved 10 contacts or more, you can conclude that the campaign was success because it was what you expected or in certain cases more than what it was expected.

    You see, it is  very easy and not a cause for stress, just set some goals and analyze them with the reports section to see if they were  met or not. This allows you to measure your level of success and have a better basis for making adjustments.

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    When I import a database (list & contacts) I get an error

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    When you import a database to your  EmailBrain account it is necessary to take into account the following requirements so you don’t get an error:

     • The file type can be xls, txt or csv.

     • The file name can not contain spaces or unusual characters:

     For Example:

     Wrong-> my database  español.xls

                               List “35.” doc

     CORRECT: mibasededatosespanol.xls


     • To import from an Excel file, the name of the worksheet where the data is, it  must meet the same features as above. Usually if it’s in Spanish Excel sheet name isHoja1 and if in English the name is Sheet1

     • If you import a CVS file, you must select the correct option: comma, tab or semicolon

     By following these recommendations will be very simple to import and will not generate any error.

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    The measures of the images in your Newsletters

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     Although you may not believe it, the size of the pictures are really important when creating your email newsletter . It is important because they can get your newsletters distorted.

    The maximum size in width should be 600 pixels and it should not weight more than  200kb. It is recommended to import the image to the EmailBrain editor, so wit won´t  give you any problems when you send out your newsletter.  To reduce the size of your image you can use programs like Photoshop, Photopaint or you can find some free on the web that can help you.

     Do not go changing the size or weight in the HTML, because the weight of the file does not change.

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    Email marketing generates sales opportunities

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    • When we launch an email marketing campaign aimed to sell a product or service, we want the recipients to click buy now naturally and almost automatically.

    A newsletter that is designed to create sales, must meet at least three basic requirements:

    1. The Design:

    If the design is confusing, the click will not occur easily. The image or product description must be clear and precise, making an invitation to click buy.

    2. The Content:

    You have to evaluate what your clients want or seek and offer them the product they want. Offers or promotions with 3 or 4 previously selected products can generate more results than a newsletter with more than 10 products.

    3. The offer:

    From the first moment, you must be very clear of what the offer price is, if there is discount or not, the before price, the now price, and the time of duration. The reduced price is an incentive and an outstanding fast and easy way to convince to click on buy.

    Sales can only be achieved after the click that occurs from your newsletter, so do not forget to apply these 3 simple guidelines to increase your sales!

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    Living with the Internet

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    We found this picture that shows us the behavior of the internet in our lives. (Picture found on Microsoft Adverstising)

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