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    How to Manage our ‘Mailing Lists & ‘Contacts’ Menu

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    Tips on Email Marketing

    Click on ‘Lists and contacts’ in the left hand navigation panel.  This will take you into the ‘lists and contacts ‘ page. 
    Then, click on the mailing list that you would like to edit.

    Click on the ‘edit’ icon between the ‘+’ and ‘delete’ icons in the ‘lists’ column.

    In the far right hand column called ‘Rename Mailing List’, you have the option to edit the name of your list.  Type in the new name for the mailing list and click on the ‘Save’ button.  Note: You can only edit one mailing list at a time.

    How to edit a contact:
    Firstly, you need to select your mailing list in order to display the contacts in that list.  The contacts will appear in the middle column under ‘Contacts’.

    Select the contact you wish to edit by ticking the checkbox next to the contact.

     Once you have selected the contact to edit, their details will appear in the third column called ‘Manage Contacts’.

    Click on the ‘edit’ icon under  ‘Manage Contacts’.  Make the necessary changes.

    Once you have finished, click on the ‘Update’ button.

    Note: The right hand column is always your work area where all your editing functions are performed.

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    Have you planned your campaign for next month?

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    If you have not planned your email marketing campaign for next month should do it now. With our special recommendations you get your campaign done very quickly.

     We suggest 5 things that must take into account the success of your campaign:

    1. Create a calendar

    This point is crucial for success. Plan and mark on the calendar the days when you will send your emails. Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience and do not send on non-working dates, such as holidays.

    2. Approach

    Make your campaign easy to remember and leave a mark. Focus your campaign at the time of year they are in and stick to that line. Always try to stand out from other emails (newsletters).

    3. Objective

    Do not ever forget the goal you are looking in your email marketing campaigns. Are you, looking for new visitors to your site? Looking to sell a product or service? If you’re not sure what the main purpose is, do not waste your time sending emails without planning as it will be a failure.

    4. Received

    If the recipients click on links in their email, receive them with the right content on the site. Create a clear and concise call to action in your “landing page”. Approaches not only generate a click on their email, think together: email + landing page.

    5. Frequency

    Do not saturate them with emails every day. Remember that people are busy and don’t have enough time to open daily newsletters. Create a cycle that allows recipients to breathe.

    Email marketing success relies in a good planning and strategy. Your campaign should at least meet certain requirements to provide the expected results.

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    Tips when creating your HTML code

    • Creating a newsletter for email marketing campaigns, is not something that anyone can do without some basic knowledge, and if you want to make changes to HTML code, you must be a person who understands and knows how to create an HTML code. Your HTML should always be clean and have no strange codes that damage the design when it arrives in the inbox. If you are a professional designer you can ignore this blog, since you probably already have your own tricks, and must be a master in the art of HTML.

    For this reason here are some tips on how to keep your HTML code clean.

    1. Do not copy and paste parts of your code from Word, as this can create an invisible code that the editor does not understand, causing the newsletter to not arrive properly.

    2. Try not to use CSS, always use basic HTML in order to keep it simple and without errors. The more complicated you get, the chances of your newsletter to arrive with errors is higher.

    3. Always use lower case when writing HTML codes. For example, use <br> ,  don’t use <BR>.

    4. Put each  HTML code in a separate line, this way you can see them easier and can check for any errors.

    5. As we’ve said a thousand times check, check and check before sending out to your mailing list. It always good to try to reach all the major email providers like Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, LotusNotes, Yahoo, and AOL. If they don’t arrive properly  it is because something in your code is causing problems and you should review it.

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    More Advice on Email Marketing

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    • Subscription Form: Do not saturate by asking a lot of information

    Fields used in the format should be required fields for your company, basic information that you think is important. Never saturate by asking too much data because your clients are going to get bored and will end up not registering.

    • Do not send only image newsletters

    Do not think that the more beautiful the design of a newsletter is, the more efficient it will be. Remember that some subscribers read everything from their smartphone that uses text, so always try to balance it out and use a percentage of images and another in text.

    • Do not use email providers to send email campaigns.

    Email providers like Hotmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, LotusNotes, Gmail etc., are not programs made to send email marketing campaigns. So that’s why he recommended a program designed for email marketing sends. Using a program to send email marketing makes it easy to manage your mailing lists, newsletters and ensure their arrival, as well as campaign statistics. EmailBrain is your best choice!

    • Important: The subject

    As we have said many times the subject line is the most important part when sending an email marketing campaign. If you put a flashy subject, your open rate will be higher because it is giving its readers a reason to open your email.

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