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    Yahoo! Mail is in second place after Hotmail!

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    Recently Yahoo! has launched Yahoo! Mail Visualization Project, where you can see in real time how many emails are sent every minute, and many interesting facts about your network. They also make a special emphasis on the treatment and detection of spam with a new technology called Apache Hadoop.

    Some data that draw our attention to Yahoo:

    • There are over 302 million users worldwide (second place after Hotmail that has 333 million according to Comscore, August 2011)
    • 84 million users in North America, 76 million in Asia, 36 in Europe, 13 million in Latin America, 11 million in Africa and 2.4 million in Australia
    • Yahoo! Mail has been rated the best email provider that filters malware and spam
    • The new Yahoo! Mail includes integration with social networks from the Q2 – 2011
    • In the U.S., Yahoo! Mail is over Gmail, which ranks second in the ranking
    • An average of 5.6 billion emails circulating on the Yahoo! network per day, 65,000 per second
    • 20.5 billion spam emails are blocked everyday
    • To read the amount of emails you process every day, it would take 4439 years
    • Hadoop user learns and creates new ways to protect against spam for all users
    • 270 terabytes are used every day
    • 70 million new users each year
    • 275,000 accounts created every day

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    Send email marketing campaigns with Outlook or Outlook Express

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    Some customers have told us:

    “We sually send campaigns using our Outlook and let it send to the address book throughout the night or the weekend.”
    This is one of the most common mistakes when someone starts using the method of email marketing. Using Outlook or Outlook Express can be very expensive and will generate problems that are important.

    Pros of using the Outlook email marketing: None

    Cons of using Outlook in a campaign:

    1. The Outlook is unable to send emails in multi-part: this means that only sends HTML and if a recipient can not read the message in html, you will not see either in plain text content.
    2. The Outlook sends the images attached: Many anti-spam servers stop mass mailings that bring images attached
    3. There is no kind of report: The Outlook was not designed to obtain and generate statistics and reports. No records deliveries, opens, clicks, forwards, low or bouncing. The user is completely blind.
    4. Your ISP (service provider) will detect bulk mail and use the bandwidth for sending emails, it may suspend your account immediately. Many ISPs limit the amount of emails per hour.
    The ideal alternative for email marketing campaigns is certainly correct to use a SaaS (software as a service) as EmailBrain. Through a control panel the customer can create newsletters, manage your databases, send your campaigns to millions of recipients and evaluate the results. Most important is the low cost from $ 9.95 a month you can send up to 2000 emails.

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    Master Plan on Your Email Marketing Campaign

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    3 recommendations for 2012 that has just started!

    1) Begin your year’s communications with an email marketing plan

    Keep your plans simple and make sure they’re realistic and reachable. Don’t waste time in 2012 on things that won’t help you. After all, it’s a lot more rewarding when you know your goals are within your grasp.

    2) Resolve to make 2012 a year of measurement

    With the statistical tracking features provided by most email service providers (ESPs) there’s no reason to practice guess-marketing. But if that’s what you’ve been doing, then there’s no better time than the present to become a monster of metrics.

    Comparing your current figures against last year’s numbers, if you have them, will give you a better idea of how you are growing, what to expect, and let you anticipate high and low business periods before they happen; which also makes it easier to budget.

    3) More Friendly Emails

    Mobile and bulk SMS marketing will go from buzz to biz in 2012. With the growing popularity of smartphones and the increasing dependence on mobile devices, marketers will have to consider adding mobile to their communications mix and take their marketing strategies to the next level. This will be the year to catch consumers where they are, wherever they are; on mobile.

    In 2012, give serious consideration to making your digital communications mobile friendly. Ensuring that you have mobile sign up forms and that both your emails and website landing pages render properly on popular mobile devices are top priorities.

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    Three 2011 developments that changed your inbox forever

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    Nobody ever said that email marketing was an easy game. Keeping up with new trends in this very dynamic field can be tough and 2011 certainly delivered its own share of challenges that might re-define the act of emailing, even for the everyday sender.

     1. The rise of the Priority Inbox
    For the well-wired, inboxes are slammed with dozens or sometimes hundreds of messages a day making it time-consuming to figure out what needs to be read and replied.

     This year, webmail clients Gmail and Hotmail added a Priority Inbox. This feature automatically identifies important emails and separates them from everything else to help users focus on the content that matters to them the most. You can also mark certain senders as priority by teaching Google to interpret your mail properly by clicking the “mark as important” or “mark as not important” buttons.

      2. HTML5 video
    Christmas came early as HTML5 video rendering made its way to email, with Hotmail being the first major webmail provider to allow video displays in emails as a part of its 2011 beta client.

     Before Hotmail’s support for HTML5 video, we could only deliver HTML5 videos in email to iOS devices and some other less prominent email clients, which made for an unimpressive email video penetration rate.

     The HTML5 breakthrough has been big news. Incorporating video into emails — a simple enough concept — wasn’t even possible two years ago.


    3. The (slow) descent of Spam
    If you want any chance of delivering a worthwhile return on investment, you need to take a solid shot at your end-reader; and nothing shrouds the road to success quite as much having your mailer marked as spam.

     Let’s face it: spam doesn’t just appear out of nowhere. Bad email begins with bad senders, and so 2011 saw the emergence of a new major piece of anti-spam legislation; the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) – which has yet to come into effect, but is the most restrictive anti-spam law in the world.

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    Growing your Email Subscribers

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    The mailing list is the most important element in the success of your email marketing campaigns. If you can convert visits to your website and social pages into lasting relationships via email, the chances of retaining customers are much greater.

    A permission-based list built by yourself always yields the best results, since you’re providing people with content that’s relevant and interesting to them. Here are 4 key principles and practices to help you build a responsive list of addresses:

    1) Offer a sign-up form on your website and blog for your email newsletter: The very obvious and most important example of when you have someone’s interest is when he or she visits your website. So feature a newsletter sign-up form in a prominent position on every page, including text that:
    •    clearly states that this is a sign-up form for getting email;
    •    describes the benefits of being a newsletter subscriber; and
    •    indicates how often email will arrive.

    2) Integrate sign-ups with other website interactions: If the ideal time to invite someone to join your list is when they’ve shown interest in your brand, it makes sense to build a sign-up opportunity into all your online processes. For example, whenever people:
    •    register for an event or webinar on your website;
    •    go through the payment process for a product or service; or
    •    enter an online competition or complete a survey.

    3) Encourage sign-ups via social media: Consumers also interact with your company online outside of your website. Encourage social media contacts to sign up for your html newsletter, to provide a more effective channel for direct promotional efforts.
    •    Send tweet invitations to followers to sign up to see the next publication of your newsletter;
    •    embed your email sign-up form on your Facebook page; and
    •    ensure your social media messages contain information about offers that are only sent to email subscribers. Exclusivity is a powerful incentive to join a list.

    4) Work with partners: Find related businesses whose products or services are complementary to yours and ask if they’ll add your newsletter to their opt-in form. Do trade offers, adding an extra registration check-box so people can subscribe to your list and your partner’s bulk email marketing list at the same time.

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    Which features are often disregarded when choosing an Email Service Provider?

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    It is very important to choose the right Email Service Provider, and it takes a lot of experience to pick the right one.

    Some of the important factors that people do not pay attention to (but should) are:

    -Make sure their service is really good, no bugs, and the delivery is great.

    -Make sure their customer service is excellent

    -Make sure the system is user friendly if you are not a programmer or an expert

    And last but not least, make sure that the ROI is worth the price you are paying for.

    If you closely look at all those features, you will most likelychoose Emailbrain.

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