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    Focus on converting web visitors

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    If (like most marketers these days) you are promoting your business via online channels, chances are that your website will be a hotspot for catching new sign-ups.

    This means that your  email newsletter opt-in should be compelling, obvious and everywhere. Make sure the form is prominently placed on all your web pages and make it stand out visually.

    Also place sign-up promotions on relevant content such as within articles and blogs, and at the end of slide shows.

    This area is where email marketing services need to help their clients. Emailbrain makes it easy to manage the online sign up process with our lists and contacts tools. You can even import all your subscribers from other emailing programs and cloud-based CRMs such as salesforce, or sync up your address book with Outlook. Our features make it really simple to gather all your contacts neatly into one archive.

    You’ll also do well if you sell your newsletter to potential subscribers by adding a line or two about the benefits of signing up, such as mentioning special deals or exclusive content, or adding some testimonials by a few clients who’ve found it useful.

    Once your website’s sign up forms have all been set up and tested, focus on driving traffic to your sign-up forms through all possible channels; such as your social media pages and PPC campaigns.

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    Make signing up as simple as possible

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    Email opt-in should be made easy. The more clicks and keystrokes a potential subscriber needs to make in order to sign up, the more they will abandon the process before you have them securely on your list.

    Why force a person to take multiple steps to do something that they want to do, if there are ways for them to do it with just one?

    Lubricate your subscription process by testing the success of rate of single opt in vs. double opt in. Think about reducing the amount of required fields on your subscription forms – most of which are always details you can ask your subscribers about later. And rewrite your confirmation emails to be as brief and skim-easy as possible.

    Emailbrain allows you to custom build your very own subscription form that you can place on either your website or social media pages. We even give you mobile optimized subscription forms to target potential subscribers who are visiting your domain on their smart-phones

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    Help save the Environment re-using Email Marketing

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    Creating fresh content is not always about inventing all from scratch. As a matter fact, many  companies have a lot of unused content lying around and some of that is really good too, like blog posts from a year ago that could have been written a week ago. Check out what content had some good impact before. There are lots of ways to expand your information when you have a great foundation.

    For example:  A customer feedback that hasn’t been used, why don’t you compile your three most successful campaigns from last year and use them again?

    Grab that content, and refresh it, make it even better than it was. This is not only very efficient use of your resources, but also very rewarding, because you will almost surely see the outcome be su

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    Write down your goals for each specific campaign

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    It is really motivating to work towards a goal that you have set up. A goal should be SMART. Specific, Motivating, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.

    Make sure you create a campaign that is specially designed to get people that haven’t opened their email in a while to interact. Think about including new and stimulating ‘from names’, great  subject lines, pre-headers, preview pane design and all elements to re-active that interaction-lagging subscriber

    All email marketers have goals to reach. Even if the goals aren’t written down (yet). Email marketers want new subscribers to sign-up, they want to increase sales or stimulate customer loyalty. Or even measure their impact through the more simple metrics in life such as increasing email opens and click throughs. Make sure you write down your goals and follow them through! It is a great way to measure your work!

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    How often do you email your clients?

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    Are you emailing your subscribers’ inbox too much or not sending enough emails for their preferences?

    You can let them pick the types of emails that they receive, and also you should let subscribers adjust the frequency at which you send to them. A major step in avoiding unsubscribes is in letting your email recipients tell you what frequency is right for them; which can vary from daily, to monthly, or anything in between everyone on your list will have a different frequency that’s the best fit for them. You can send these emails to your inactive subscribers too, asking them to select their ideal sending frequency to re-engage and prevent an impending unsubscribe, but focus on offering customized email frequency options at the bottom of every email and also on the page to which your unsubscribe link navigates, as a final effort to keep your clients engaged in your communications.

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