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    What Does My Newsletter Look Like in Different Inboxes?

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    You can use Emailbrain’s Inbox Preview tool before sending your message to see how your newsletter will look in popular email providers, such as Outlook, Gmail, AOL, and more.

    Just click ‘Inbox Preview’ under ‘Advanced Sending Options’:

    Advice: Ensuring your messages are readable by any and all of your subscribers helps to improve your click through rate.

    For more detailed overview, check out our video tutorials in the help center.

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    How to avoid receiving emails you do not wish to see in your inbox!

    1) Segment addresses for business communications and make a second list for general use

    Also, create a disposable address in which you place anything that’s not important to you or that you want to specifically keep separate.

    2) Make sure that you mark unwanted mail as spam

    Hotmail and Gmail will create a filter to automatically spot all future mail from that source as junk and it will submit a complaint against the network that sent the mail to reputation monitoring services. Make sure that you do your part and select it as spam, so mail services company can do the rest.

    3) It is very important to Unsubscribe

    A high-quality email marketing company will ensure that their users include unsubscribe options in all email headers and / or footers as well.

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    Emailbrain’s Reports and Statistics Section

    We have  Four main functions in the reports section of your account:

    1. The  ”on sends” ( is usually the most used) section as this is the basic and best way to look at an overview of the statistics as well as the specific results you receive from your email marketing campaigns.

    2. The “on lists” section is the second section. This section essentially shows you statistics based on emails sent to specific lists, in this view it is easy to see the progress of a list. Also, you can see how many addresses subscribed or were delivered to in correlation to the total amount on the list, that way you can conclude how good your list is.

    3. The “on contacts”, which is the third section; shows you status of email addresses and the lists they are in.

    4. And, the fourth and last section in the reports is for all your Triggers/ Autoresponders, an Autoresponder is generated when you set up an email to go out when an action was made. For instance, when you click on subscribe your recipient will receive an email saying “Thank you for signing-up” or when they click on a specific link on your email, it will trigger to send a second email.

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    Use tables when creating your newsletters in the EmailBrain Editor

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    We recommend that you always use tables in your newsletters because programs such as  Outlook , Apple Mail, Gmail , Hotmail , Yahoo , etc … will optimally get the <table> , as these labels are the correct ones to create newsletters and <Div> labels that are the ones used for creating web pages .

    If you are creating tables in HTML make sure you define the width of each cell and the overall width of the table

    A basic example of a structure with tables could be:

    <td> Header < / td >
    < / tr >
    <td> containing text ( which can be another table ) < / td >
    < / tr >
    <td> Close < / td >
    < / tr >
    < / table>

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    Successful Campaigners Always Test First

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    If you would like to double check how your newsletter will send, send a quick test email before launching the rest of your campaign.

    After creating a newsletter, click on ‘Sending’ in the left navigation menu, and click ‘Send a test.’ Follow the on-screen instructions to send your free test.

    Tip: take advantage of Emailbrain’s Inbox Preview tool to see how the newsletter will look in popular email providers, such as Outlook, Gmail, AOL, and more. Just click ‘Inbox Preview’ under Advanced mail features.

    While we’re on the subject of testing, be sure to check out our A/B spilt testing feature. This is a great way to optimize your email marketing efforts and gather valuable insight into your customers preferences.

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    Drive up Email Engagement through Mobile!

    Emailbrain gives you the tools to grab, connect and build quality engagement through mobile email campaigns.

    While our mobile templates are great for all kinds of mobile campaigns, Emailbrain also allows you to personalize your own templates and create a truly unique experience.

    Not sure how to get started, take a look at our mobile page and if have any more questions feel free to drop our us an email at info@emailbrain.com.

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    Preview Panels in Emails


    Most email providers such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, and Apple Mail among others, let you see the preview pane of the email received before clicking to open and have the view full.

    So you must keep in mind that the images will not be automatically downloaded to these previews without the owner’s consent to download.

    So it is recommended that when you are creating your newsletters, to keep this in mind and try to put the most important images in the header of your newsletter.

    That is why we recommend you to create interesting headers so that the users want to open your newsletters and see the rest of the information.

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    The measurements of the images in the Newsletters

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    Although you may not believe it, the measurement of the images in your newsletter is really important when you are creating your email marketing newsletter. It is important that they have the right measurements because if they don’t, your newsletter may become distorted because of your newsletter’s images.

    The largest size your image should be is about 600 pixels and should weight 200kb. You are advised to import the image exactly how you want it to appear in your newsletter, so that it does not bring problems. You can use programs like Photoshop, Photopaint or you can find some free ones on the web that can help you edit you’re your images before importing them into your account.

    Do not go change the size or weight of HTML code, since the weight of the file will not change.

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