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    How often and how early should I email my clients?

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    Too frequent is too much and too late is too late. Don’t harass your subscribers with emails, do not follow them every hour with an email asking them to buy your products.

    Often, toning down frequency if you are a regular mailer improves response rates. Don’t send newsletters in an untimely manner like super late or super early – like 10pm at night or 3am the morning, this could cause them to not take your emails into consideration in the appropriate times. Consequently, they might simply forget about your offer.

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    Avoiding Spam is Easy

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    • Avoid publicly advertising your address on any websites where you do not have complete control of your own privacy.
    • Do not submit your email address to websites or companies that you’re unfamiliar with.
    • Always read the fine print when signing up for anything.

    By default, there is usually  a text box that you need to pick to opt out of receiving email marketing material from the website you are in (trying to buy something), that you’re required to fill out when buying goods, make sure you unmark an option that says you allow to receive their emails.