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    What are Opt-In Emails?

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    optinToday’s Topic: What are opt-in emails?

    I have noticed that many people have the doubt of what are opt in emails. So today, I will explain you a little deeper about the subject.

    Let’s start with the definition of opt-in:

    It is the action to agree via email or other way to receive email marketing messages, or giving a particular individual, webpage or company, permission in order to send them their emails. There are various types of verification and some need more work than others. (Double Opt-in, Unsubscribe, and Opt-in).

    Now that we now the definition, I will explain a little deeper. Opt-in is when your clients provide permission to receive your information.

    The methods by which they can provide permission are:

    -A subscription form on your website

    -A subscription form on your newsletters

    - During company events, you can have a subscription form on the entrance, where people can sign up.

    Once these people register, and provide you with their emails, and specify that it is ok for you to send them emails, you will then have written proof that they subscribed to be on  your list.

    You must ask yourselves why it is so important that the emails are opt-in. It is in fact really important because we do not want these people to take your messages as spam, and delete them, without even having taking a look at them. If they do not register to be on your list, and you start sending them emails, it is very possible that they will make a spam complaint against your account. When a spam complaint is received, your account then goes on hold until you are able to provide proof of opt-in. If you can provide proof of opt-in, we then unblock your account, and put the person who made the complaint on a blacklist. That way next time you send an email to your mailing list, that person will not receive an email from you. If you cannot show proof of opt-in, we will ask you proof of opt in, of your list in general.

    If this is also not provided, we will have to take actions in your account, up to cancelling your account. Emailbrain complies with the anti-spam laws showed on this link:

    The Coalition Against Unsolicited E-mail: http://www.cauce.org/

    FTC’s CAN-SPAM Law:  http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/business/ecommerce/bus61.shtm

    Remember: If you are uploading a list into Emailbrain, you must confirm that it is a 100% opt in list. Emailbrain has the right to ask for proof of opt-in, and if the client cannot provide them, they result could be the cancellation of the account.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

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    Double opt-in is even more secure. When someone signs up, they receive an e-mail message with a link in it to confirm that they want to subscribe. That usually puts all spam complaints to rest.

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