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    Testing the Links in your Email Marketing Campaigns

    I would like to thank all followers for reading all our blogs, and following us so intensely.

    Phoebe asked in the last blog if we could explain databases a little further, and next blog will be on databases, as per Phoebe’s request. In regards to what Mark Brown asked in the last blog, whether he should use a HTML program or the Emailbrain editor. Well that really depends on what you would like to do. If your knowledge on HTML is very advanced, and you would like to make many different things and designs in the newsletter, then you are better off using Dreamwaver or Front Page. However, if you would like to use one of our templates and customize it, or start from scratch a basic newsletter, then it is easier to use our Editor.
    Mary, we are really glad that you like our blog, and facebook and twitter tips. In regards to your question, yes, there are better times during the week than others to send out your newsletters. I will make a blog very soon, solely on this topic, so stay tuned!

    Now, today’s topic will be in regards to testing the Links in your Email Marketing Campaigns.

    I would like to advice you on something that occurs, that many of you do not realize.


    Many times I have received in my personal email messages of Email marketing and when I open them, and click on one of its links, it does not open. Sometimes these links take me to an error called 404 or simply to a  page that says that the link does not exist.

    It is really a bad situation for the person who sent the email because many people will open that email, and the person/company who sent the email could lose credibility, and show that the company is not showing commitment towards their clients.

    So as a conclusion, always make sure that your links work, and double check before sending. Always send a test send to someone else in your office, so they can test all the links as well.

    When you verify that all the links are working, then you know for sure that you may send out your newsletters to your clients.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    4 Responses to “Testing the Links in your Email Marketing Campaigns”

    Hi Stephanie,

    I’m new to the email marketing world, and this is a really good tip… Sometimes you just dont think it will happen to you and that all your links are perfect!


    Can it happen that when you test them, they work fine and afterwards they show the error? Thank you

    Thanks!! 4 ur good tip. Cool !!!!!! Test email brain link. ;=p

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