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    Mobile Site

    Creating a Mobile Site – Mobile Editor

    In the mobile section, click on ‘Mobile Sites’, then ‘Create Site’.

    You will be presented two options – to start with a blank template, or use one of ours. In this example, we’ll be looking at using one of our templates.

    Click on ‘Preview’ to view each template, then, click on ‘Select’.
    You will be redirected in the mobile editor.

    Select Style
    Firstly, let’s look at setting up the style sheet for your template, along with your logo and site name.
    Browse for logo and insert. You will see your logo inserted at the top, in the preview on the right.

    There are loads of different predefined styles to choose from, or you may want to create your own. To create a custom style, tick the checkbox at the bottom of the page, ‘Custom Style’.

    Personalize your custom style and save.

    At the top of the page, click on the ‘edit’ icon, to define the site name.

    Select Pages
    The next step in the process is to identify and select your pages. Click on the ‘menu’ button, in the phone preview on the right. You will see all the default pages for this template.  As you select a page, the page tab will highlight in the preview on the right. You can however, add more pages on the bottom left.

    Select a page, and you’ll be given the option to ‘edit’ or delete.

    Edit Pages
    At the top, you’ll see all the page elements. Click on an element and it will be added to your page in the section below. The section below contains the elements on the page. Left click on any of the added elements and the element will highlight in the preview.
    Click on the ‘right’ arrow to expand the element and view/edit it’s properties.

    To delete an element, click on the trashcan icon. To move an elements position on the page, left click the ‘up/down’ arrows and move it to the appropriate position.

    Text Display Element
    Use this element to input text – insert a heading and some paragraph text.  Name the element for your own record at the top. Choose your text alignment, font style and size.  Always refer to the preview on the right to review the result when adding elements.

    List Element
    You would use this element for listings and choose between bulleted, numbered or definition lists.  Enter your text in the space provided, then click on the ‘+’ sign to insert each listing.

    Image Element
    There are three different ways to insert your image:
    •    Upload the image – Tick ‘Upload’ and upload image
    •    Web Address – Tick ‘Web Address’, enter your image URL path,
    •    Library – Use this option if your image is already loaded onto your account, locate the image and insert

    Insert your mouse over/hover text and hyperlink.

    Hyperlink/Videolink Element
    Insert your text to be used as a hyperlink.
    Select either ‘Text’ or ‘Button’, to define your link type.
    Link either to a page, web address, email, or phone number.

    Table Element
    Insert tables onto your page. Enter your header/caption text, then, add your rows and columns.  Select the ‘+’ sign opposite ‘Rows’ to add a row. Then in that row1 Column (for example), click on the ‘column +’ sign to enter more columns.

    Text Input Element
    Use this element to insert a text input field. Insert your header text and min and max character length.
    Checking the ‘Required’ box will require the user to complete this field before submitting.
    Checking the ‘Password’ box will hide text entered into the field.

    Numeric Input Element
    Use this element to insert a numeric input field. Insert your header/caption text and min and max character length.
    Checking the ‘Required’ box will require the user to complete this field before submitting.

    Selection Input element
    Insert your heading text, then, choose to display as a dropdown, radio buttons or checkboxes. Enter the values as below and review your result in the preview.
    Enter your caption, displayed in the dropdown, checkboxes or radio buttons.
    Enter the value that is stored against the user’s dataset.

    Date Input element
    Enter the heading/caption text.
    Set the default date that you want to appear on a user’s phone, (specific date, yesterday, today or tomorrow).
    Checking the ‘Required’ box will require the user to complete this field before submitting.

    Contact Us Element
    Insert the header/title, then, edit any of the field names below. Add a Google map below if required.

    Social Icons element
    Social share your newsletter and have people follow you on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Linkedin.
    Insert your title text and choose which social platforms to integrate with.

    Lead Form Element
    This element is presented with predefined fields as seen below in the preview.
    Insert your button text, your return message (the autoresponder  message, after someone clicks on ‘Send’) and the Autoresponder Email (the email address to send all the captured data to).

    Video Element
    Insert a video onto your page. Insert the title at the top, then the URL. This is the URL at the top of your browser.

    Map Element
    Include your location by inserting Google Maps onto the page. Insert the Title, Address, City, State and Country.

    Viral Buzz Element
    Go viral and have your newsletter shared on Facebook, Twitter or emailed. Insert the Title text, and select which social platforms to share your newsletter with.

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