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    Reports and Statistics

    Thank you very much for your comments, here are some answers to the questions that arised on the last blog.

    To answer Mary Kate’s question on why do text-only messages don’t give us the percentage of open emails? Basically, our reports depend on an action being taken (such as an image being downloaded) or a click through. One way around it is to design the newsletter in HTML but make it resemble straight text by using only text in a simple table structure. Only HTML-based emails can carry the code necessary to communicate with the EmailBrain server when recipients perform actions such as clicking the email to read it, forwarding to a friend or clicking on hyperlinks in the content. However, EmailBrain can still track basic statistics in text-only versions, such as un-subscribes and subscribes.

    And, to reply to Esteban’s question as to how to claim your promotion credits?. Simply send an email to info@emailbrain.com with your username for Emailbrain, Facebook and Twitter, and we will add the credits to your accounts.

    Today’s blog will be on Reports and Statistics

    I want to explain why you need to wait 24 hours after having sent your email campaign, in order to see your exact statistics.

    These are the following reasons:

    1. An email might be delivered immediately and the recipient might open it instantly but this might not be reflected in the statics section immediately.

    2. Some email provider’s servers can make the spam test, and by consequence emails are not delivered right away.

    3. The email provider’s servers might be crowded, because they have too many emails going in or going out, so the delivery of the email might take a little more than usual.

    4. Your contacts may have the inboxes full, so it will attempt to resend the message up to 24 hours after first attempt.

    5. If the emails bounce and are returned we will attempt to send them for 24 hours. But if some of this emails are successfully delivered, their status will change to (HD) Hard Bounce.

    I hope this really helps, please do not hesitate to write back if you have additional questions.

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    I will certainly analyze my reports and statistics section with a better point of view, now that I know how everything works.

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