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    Keeping your messages out of the Spam Folder

    Before I start with today’s blog, I would like to thank Maldo, and all of you that are reading and enjoying the blogs. Maldo, I am sure that now that you have a better understanding of the Reports and Statistics of Emailbrain, interpreting them will be really easy, and you will take advantage of knowing how to keep track of them!

    In today’s blog, I will talk about how to keep your messages away from the spam folder, I would like to give you some advice so your messages in fact, do not end up in the Spam Folder. Please keep these advices in mind since they will help your messages reach the inbox:

    - Try to use a small font, for instance: +2 or +3 is a very good size.
    - If you write text in red, and bold, there is a great possibility, your message will be considered spam.
    - Avoid writing all CAPS, not only on the subject of the newsletter, but also on the content of your newsletter.
    -Avoid certain words in the subject line of your newsletter such as: Free, Sex, Viagra. Money, Mortgage Etc. And many other common words that spam filters will consider spam.
    - Do not write names in millions when it comes to money. For instance: $10,000,000 in the subject line.
    - Never leave your message blank, always write something on the subject line.

     I really hope these advices help, and that you follow them. Please keep in mind that Spam filters are very strict, so we must do everything on our hands to make the email reach the inbox.

    I will be waiting for your comments on such an important matter, as it is keeping your messages away from the Spam Folder. Take care, and we will talk again on Friday!

    5 Responses to “Keeping your messages out of the Spam Folder”

    Thanks for this post! is it ok if only certain words in the subject are in caps? or shouldn’t I capitalize at all?

    Hello! I’ve heard that it is not recommended to send an image only newsletter, is that true? if so, why? Thanks in advance!

    Andrew Johnson 

    Thanks for the tips, this is good to know so our hard workd does not end up in the spam folder!

    Hi Stephanie, txs for the blog, this really does help us (or at least me) at lot! I really enjoy learning how Emailbrain works and this way can make all my email marketing campaigns more productive.

    I have one simple questions, you mention that we should not use bold text in our newsletter, so my question is can we use just bold for the titles? Or would it still be considered spam?

    Before hand thanks so much for your answer!
    Have a great week!

    Hi there,

    Thanks for these usefull posts!

    As for keeping out the spam folder, is there any specific advice regarding hotmail? All of my hotmail clients keep bouncing!


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