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    Place your vote for our email marketing FAQs


    New Help Center voting icons

    I am sure you have all had some questions about something in your Emailbrain account.  It happens when you’re working in a technical application with as many features as ours.

    When you get stuck with something in Emailbrain, the quickest way to go about solving your problem is to go to our Help Center.  The Help Center covers a range of topics offering step-by-step instructions on how to solve some frequently asked questions. We offer help documents and FAQs.

    The problem is that we are not sure how helpful the answers are to you as an individual user. We need your feedback so we can continuously improve on our Help Center. So we have enabled you to vote for our FAQs!   Next time you have a question, check out our Help Center and tell us if our answer was helpful or not.  We greatly appreciate our clients’ feedback. 

    So – to the polls! Make your vote count :)

    7 Responses to “Place your vote for our email marketing FAQs”

    Cool idea!

    You guys have been adding some really cool and useful features. Keep up with the good work!


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    I am interesting to know the complete process of e-mail Marketing in Internet.

    We are currently doing our business in off line. We like to promote our products with your’s team help. Like to know more details.

    I am doing my business in off line mode. Need to know more how the email brain works.

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