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    Skype on your browser

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    Many of you see the bulletin perfectly in the preview, but when sending a test you do not see it how it should be.

     This can happen because it has the skype plug in installed in your browser and this brings problems. We’re not saying you should delete the Skype program on your computer, but should simply remove the plug in the browser.

    Our editor plugin for Skype makes a javascript code and it adds it to the newsletter being edited.

     So, to remove this plug in, click the drop-down menu of your browser and select “Remove Skype plugin / extension. ” If your plugin has already been removed, the code might have already been saved to your newsletter. If your newsletter was saved with this code, it is best to start your newsletter from the start, and you will not have problems. But if you do not want to start from scratch, we can give you an alternative (although it is preferable to start from scratch).
    Go to your newsletter and select to view HTML code, then look for:
    <script charset=”utf-8″ src=”chrome://skype_ff_toolbar_win/content/injection_graph_func.js”></script>


    document.MygetElementsByClassName = function(cl) {

        var retnode = [];

        var myclass = new RegExp(’\\b’+cl+’\\b’);

        var elem = this.getElementsByTagName(’*');

        for (var i = 0; i < elem.length; i++) {

        var classes = elem[i].className;

        if (myclass.test(classes)) retnode.push(elem[i]);


        return retnode;


    function checkSkype(){

        var arrSkype = document.MygetElementsByClassName(’skype_pnh_dropart_flag_span’)

        if(document.getElementById(’__skype_highlight_id_right’) || document.getElementById(’injection_graph_func’) || arrSkype.length>0){


            return true





    And delete it.

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    Make sure your clients read your newsletter

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    Here are some recommendations for your clients if they read the newsletters you send in your email marketing campaigns:
    • Make a well written newsletter that has a good balance of graphics and text.
    • Do not overestimate the time the target is spent in your email. Get to the point, not many explanations that are not necessary, if your newsletter is very long you probably do not read it.

    • Do not use long articles – including a summary and best put a link that allows them to go to the website to read the whole article if interested. So given the choice to read what each of your interest and see a long-newsletter full of information that the only thing that occurs they do not want to read it

    • Make sure the links are made ​​carefully and are correct.

    • Do not use very colorful designs, attacked, many images and text only. Make it easy for the recipient instantly identify topics of interest.

    • Select about 10 people on your list, and these 10 people divide in half, send to each list of “test” a newsletter different and compare the reaction with each list of “proof. ” This can be done with our test feature A / B. so you can see what is going to draw more attention and which should read more. The list will be more open with what must send the remainder of his list.

    • Consider what is the best time to send the newsletter to your customers. Click here to read an article in our blog so you know a little more on this point.
    (TEFI the link to this article in English is: http://blog.emailbrain.com/english/?m=201003

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    Import your contacts directly from their online email accounts

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    We now offer the feature to import your contacts from your online email account such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Lycos and many more.


    To import these contacts remain in your account (advanced modee) and do the following:
    1. Mailing lists
    2. Add / import
    3. Then select “Import from an email account”
    4. Select the mailing list where you want to add the emails.
    5. Enter your email and password
    6. Click to import

    The emails should already be in the preview completely imported and you should get a notice confirming the import.
    That is how easy it is!
    But aren’t the emails that I am importing opt-in?

    As you know, in email marketing, all your contacts should be opt-in, so make sure that the emails you are importing, the owners have authorized  you to send them information.  Even if they are your close friends, relatives or colleagues always make sure that if you want to receive your newsletters they give you permission.

    I recommend that you send a small email from your personal email, notifying them that you would like to send them your newsletter, and that if they agree please respond with a simple yes. How easy it is!

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    10 Tips that all Email Marketers should know

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    I want to give some tips that should keep in mind when planning your email marketing campaigns.
    1. Frequency in sendings- always be conscious not to overload your customers by sending them a lot of information in a very often manner, since the result can be making your clients tired. Also do not wait much time between a referral and another, since your subscribers may forget who you are and may ignore your message.
    2. Subject line – good subject line can make open emails’ rate increase. So when you write the subject line explain what the newsletter is about but in a interseting  and creative manner. Remember that if someone presses the button “like” in the newsletter, the subject line is to be seen on Facebook, and many people will see your newsletter, and if they find your newsletter interesting they can end up registering in  your mailing list.
    3. Surveys -from time to time send in your newsletters a survey to know what customers think about your services, products and even their newsletter.
    4. Turn yourself into your  customer-Each time you receive a newsletter from another company what do you think about these newsletters, would you like to give any suggestions, What suggestions would you give? Do this same exercise with their newsletters, analyze, what they need or do not need. Are the colors, text, images attractive for the entire audience? Think like your reader and each time try to improve your newsletter.
    5. Welcome Message- Once they register to your mailing list (subscription form)  program to send a welcome newsletter automatically. This message is welcoming them, so you must be clear in what you say, and the client will see that you care who is registered in your list and you  can also explain to them what expect from your newsletters.

    6. Send – test before sending, never send an email marketing campaign without testing, always forward a test to yourself. Then if you get it, send it to some of your colleagues so they can check for any error that it may contain. Remember that it can get though fine in Hotmail can but for any reason in Gmail  it may not turn out so well, so you must fix it so it reaches all emails just fine, so it is very important to always send proof before sending  to your  list. Remember that we offer the preview feature inbox, where you can see how they look at each email providers.
    7. Mailing List- Keep all your mailing lists clean and make sure all emails are opt-in. The less unsubscribes you have is because you are doing something good in your newsletter and is really being sent to people who want to know about your products / services. Also, remember that if your lists are opt-in, you can start to receive complaints and may block your account.
    8. Spam- Make sure to test your newsletter for spam, and the result must be less than 1. When you go into your account to send> send to list, there we give you the option to test for spam. The less the spam score is, the less likely they are to be considered spam by spam filters. Also note not to use words like free viagra, money, easy sex and so on, and do not use a lot of red in your texts. These words are considered spam by spam filters.
    9. Keep up to date- When writing your newsletters know the topic you are writing about, if you are giving statistics make sure that are current, if you are going to talk about competition make sure that it is accurate. Always give exact information when you are  writing it, because if you start to make up information or write the first thought that comes to your mind, more than one of your customers will notice and stop believing in your company and the information you submit.

    10. Newsletter design- Make your newsletter easy to understand, make the key points identifiable immediately, do not use many colors or images, or text only.  Be creative, call the attention of your customers but do  not overwhelm the with many things. à Be creative, get your clients attention, but do  not overwhelm the with many things.

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    A small reminder on what is opt-in and what not to do

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    Before you begin reading this blog, it is very important in Email Marketing to use opt in method. What is opt-in? Opt-in is the act of agreeing by email or other means, such as subscription form, to receive marketing email messages or giving to a particular individual or company website that gives you permission to send their emails.

     And knowing what opt-in is, I want to explain several scenarios that are not considered opt-in subscribers:

    1. Clients left their business card- if someone gives you his business card that does not mean they want to start receiving your newsletters. So be careful, if you want this person to receive your newsletter, you can ask or say very sincerely if they are interested, you can register their information on your subscription form.

    2. People that as company - Some people are just accompanying his friends / family to buy a product and are asked for their data but never established for what. If you do not tell them that they will be receiving emails, these are NOT opt-in because they were not giving permission to receive the newsletters.

    3. Buyers in physical stores – Many people who visit stores, can show interest in the products and could have made a purchase thoroughly, but this does NOT mean they want to receive the newsletters.

    4. Word of mouth – If someone you know tells you that a friend wants to receive your newsletters, this does NOT mean that they are opt-in. The person who wants to receive should subscribe to their website or send an email requesting to be part of your list.

    5. Events – When your business is at a trade show or an event, those interested can stop by your booth and fill out a form. This does NOT mean they want to receive your newsletters. 

    I can advise you to have a computer with the subscription form ready, and ask people who visit your stand if they’re interested in more information, please subscribe.

    If at this time you have many subscribers, as I mentioned I would advise using the method of double opt-in, where you add them through the subscription form on your website, and the system will send an email to them where they need to press a link to ratify that they want to be a part of your mailing list.

    This way, people who are genuinely interested in receiving your newsletters will receive them.

    To set the emails of double opt-in subscription form go to your account.

    You might wonder why it is so important that they are opt-in. It is important because we do not want people to take your emails as spam and delete them without even seeing them. If not registered to your list, and they receive your emails, they can bring a complaint that the information you send is spam, and when a complaint is received the user’s account is blocked.

     When this happens we will ask for opt-in proof. If you can show that the person who made the complaint registered to receive your newsletter, we will simply block the person from your list and unlock your account.

     If you cannot prove that this person had opted-in, your account will remain blocked and you must send opt-in testing to its entire list. If you give us proof that the rest of your list is opt-in then we can unlock the account, but this person will stay blocked on your list, and in case your list is not opt-in then we can cancel your account.

    Receiving complaints is very serious because the servers you use and other users use to submit their email marketing campaigns are blocked, and we must demonstrate that the lists if they are opt-in, and if we do not, the use of that server is  prohibited.  

    Emailbrain governed by the rules of The Coalition Against Unsolicited E-mail and FTC’s CAN-SPAM Law.

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    Beat spam filters by using our SPAM ASSASIN feature

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    According to 2007 data, 69% of consumers decided to click the report Spam or Junk button based on what is in the subject line. (Source: Email Sender and Provider Coalition)


    In Email Marketing, when unsolicited commercial email, also known as spam, was as its peak, ISPs began to score the content of the email message to combat the spammers. They did it by using tools such as Spam Assassin to classify the message.

    The way these programs worked is by identifying spam trigger words or symbols such as Free, %,!, Winner, etc.  Once the message is categorize as spam, the email is either sent to the junk mail or block by the server.

    An electronic message is “spam” IF the recipient’s personal identity are irrelevant and the recipient has not verifiable granted deliberate.

     Emailbrain’s Spam Assasin feature works  similarly  to the one of the ISPs. These tool screens your newsletter for trigger words and gives you a score based on the content. Also know as content based scoring.

    A few short words about the behavior of the “score” command.

                     1. rules with a score set to 0 are not evaluated at all.

                     2. rules with no score statement will be scored at 1.0, unless 3 or 4 is true

                    3. Scores below 5.0 are usually not classified as spam.

     There are many SPAMMERS that saturate people’s inboxes with useless information, but as the responsible marketer that you are, you need to differentiate yourself and show respect to your readers and future customers. Make  it imperative that you check your email for spam rate before sending. You will save your readers time and save yourself some  money.



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    Make web analytics your right-hand man

    As an Emailbrain account holder, you have the option to integrate your newsletter with Google analytics. Outside of all the tools that you will be using to optimize your mailing, web analytics tools are powerful tools that can  improve the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

    Our Google Analytics integration allows you to view click stream data which is passed on from us to the analytics package and goals you have set within Google Analytics.

    These are some of the goals in Email marketing that you can set up with the integration:

    •Relate goal conversions back to a specific email address

    •Relate goal conversions back to the link in the email

    •Average number of page views per visit, tied to a specific email address or link

    •Average time on the site, tied to a specific email address or link

    •Landing page bounce rate, tied to a specific email address or link

    •Overall conversions from a specific email send or from all your sends

    •Overall average amount of page views per visit for all your sends, or specific sends

    •Overall average time on site for all your sends, or specific sends

    •Overall landing page bounce rates for all your sends, or specific sends

    •Number of total visits from all your sends, or specific sends

    Applying your web analytics data to your marketing efforts is an insightful way that can help you create campaigns targeted to specific sales or even your customer’s specific needs.  Knowing what your customers expect from your business makes you a better marketer and expands the opportunity to enter in new niches that you might not have taught about.   

    Access your help center from your Emailbrain account to learn how to set up Google analytics.

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    Promoting your Opt-In form on your Website

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    In Email marketing, here is no better way than promoting your opt-in form than in your web site.  Keep in mind the following key points when creating and placing your subscription form.

    1.  The subscription form should be placed in the front end of your web site.  Choose a  place that is visible and that catches the attention of your visitors.

    2. Don’t cramp the form by requesting too much information. Only ask for information that you are going to use to segment your customers. If you request sensitive personal  information,  customers will be hesitant to sign up.

    3.  Make sure you indicate which fields are required and which ones are optional. Use standard form field names so that the auto-complete functions on browsers and browser toolbars, such as the one from Google, match up and fields can be quickly completed. 

    4. Include a disclaimer in the form, letting your subscribers know how you are going to use their information and include a link to your Privacy Policy.

    5.  Provide an example of your newsletter through a clickable thumbnail graphic that opens in a new window.

    6. Let the reader know how often you will be mailing them.


    Promoting your subscription form  in your web site is the most effective way to gain new readers; however, do not  focus in only promoting your opt-in form there. Use different channels such as print ads, call centers, in-store signs and banners.

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    How old is the data in your database?

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    In email marketing, it is very important that you update the emails in your mailing list. If you have had your list for more than 3 years, it is likely that some of the emails are not active or even valid anymore. It is said that old emails are not as responsive   as newly acquired emails. One way to acquire new emails is by placing the subscription form that comes with your Emailbrain account in the front end of your website.

    Simple steps to update your mailing list in your Emailbrain account

    1.  Access your account.

    2.  Go to Mailing List

    3.  Select List set up

    4.  Click on Delete

    Then under “delete addresses”, look for the unsubscribe  and hard bounces  email addresses and then click delete addresses.

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