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    Increase Open And Click Through Rates With Our A/B Split Tests

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    Our A/B split test tool allows you to create up to five different message versions, each with their own subject line or different content. All you have to do is divide them into group A and group B for sending, and our system tells you which one worked best and then sends that newsletter to everyone else. It’s that easy—and it saves you time, money and guarantees higher open and conversion rates.

    To get started on A/B testing, click ‘Sending’ from the left navigation menu and select ‘A/B Testing’.

    For more detailed instructions on conducting an A/B split test, check out our tutorial video or visit the help center for more detailed information.

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    Successful Campaigners Always Test First

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    If you would like to double check how your newsletter will send, send a quick test email before launching the rest of your campaign.

    After creating a newsletter, click on ‘Sending’ in the left navigation menu, and click ‘Send a test.’ Follow the on-screen instructions to send your free test.

    Tip: take advantage of Emailbrain’s Inbox Preview tool to see how the newsletter will look in popular email providers, such as Outlook, Gmail, AOL, and more. Just click ‘Inbox Preview’ under Advanced mail features.

    While we’re on the subject of testing, be sure to check out our A/B spilt testing feature. This is a great way to optimize your email marketing efforts and gather valuable insight into your customers preferences.

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    How can you define direct marketing success without testing?

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    A lot of small businesses focus on creating sales campaigns and forget that the best way to reach goals is to make sure you are delivering what your clients really want. With that in mind, the key elements of a successful campaign are to test, test, and test and then measure the results.
    Marketers often struggle to meet all the deadlines for each email blast, monthly newsletter, and social media updates, not to mention all the other things in between. In this frenzy marketing mix, few take the moment to ask themselves, “Did we remember to test what we’re doing?”

    Why aren’t marketers testing?

    Most people focus on how time consuming it is to create a test than just to create the campaign alone. Even the simplest test requires modifications of some sort and this can take a lot of taught and planning. However; the payback can bring a higher return than just emailing your campaign. By testing, you can find out if future campaigns would work as good as they should.

    The take away

    Smart marketers should always test and the best way to do this is by doing an A/B test. Legendary retailer John Wanamaker once said, “Half of my advertising is wasted, I just wish I knew which half.” Not only does testing improve the campaign that you are testing, but it can also lead to new ideas that will make the next promotion more effective from the start.

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    Tips on the Subject Line when sending out a newsletter

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    Tips for Email Marketing:

    1. Be concise- Your subject line should not exceed 50 characters, and it should get to the point. Only type what is important on the email.

    2. Test it before sending it out. Use our A/B split test feature to test different subject lines, and use the ones that gave you a higher open rate.

    3. Personalize your subject line- Make sure to personalize it with your clients preferences, which will make them want to open the newsletter.

    4. Include the name of your company- It will make your reader feel confident on what they are opening.

    5. Give it a timeline- If the client sees that he/she has limited time, they will take  an action regarding the email, very quick.

    6. Put yourself in your client’s shoes- As yourself, if I was my own client, would I open this email?

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    Emailbrain has a new feature: A/B split testing

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    We came up with a brand new feature, and this one is focused solely on improving your statistics.  It’s called the A/B split test feature.  “Huh?” we hear you saying.  Well, let’s get that confused look off your face and listen up, because this one’s here to maximize your email marketing campaign!

    As an enthusiastic email marketer, you’ve been checking all the reports and statistics of your sends.  Notice how they’re never quite the same?  Open and click through rates always vary – and you’ve probably been wondering why that is.  After all, your newsletters are all designed in the same template and style…  Sound familiar?

    A/B split testing was developed to help you assess what strategy and techniques work best for your email marketing campaign, which of course just means that it tests what your subscribers like most.

    This feature allows you to draw up different variations of your newsletter, and then send these different newsletters to only a percentage of your contacts.  This way, you get to test how a small percentage of your subscribers reacted to the different newsletters, so you can pick the one that worked best and send that winning newsletter to all your subscribers.  Here’s how:

    With A/B split testing you have two options:  The first option allows you to select 5 newsletters to compare – perhaps all with the same content, but each with a different images, or even slight changes in the design or content.  (You don’t have to have 5 different newsletters, you can even just do 2 if you’d prefer.)  Alternatively, you can test up to 5 different subject lines for the same newsletter; say, for instance, varying in length or tone.

    Once you’ve decided what it is you’d like to test, you can then decide on a percentage of your mailing list to test it on.  So, if you choose to send the test to 10 % of your mailing list and you want to compare 2 newsletters, then 5 % will receive Newsletter A and 5 % will receive Newsletter B.  Once you’ve figured out which one was more successful, you then send the best newsletter to the remaining 90% of your mailing list.  And don’t worry:  The system keeps track of who received the test, and who received which version – so none of your subscribers will receive your newsletter twice!

    How do you assess which one worked best though?

    It’s easy, and again, it’s your choice!  You can decide what’s most important to you and your business:  How many readers opened your newsletter, or how many clicked through to your website.  The A/B split test will then assess accordingly and you’ll receive a table (kind of like our reports) depicting the statistics and status of your send.

    You can use this feature as much as you’d like, in fact, the more you test and improve, the better for your campaign.  After all, continuous tests will help you stay on top of subscriber trends.  Experiment to your heart’s content!

    So on your next send, use our A/B split test feature to get a feel of what works for your subscribers and send them only the most popular newsletters.  Can you feel your campaign statistics booming already?