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    View Reports to Track Your Campaign

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    Once you have created your newsletter and sent your message, view reports on open rates, click through rates, and share rates from your campaign.

    Our reporting tools make it easy to decipher key performance indicators in your campaign, and then use these insights to improve on future sends. Get started by clicking ‘Reports’ and ‘View by Send’.

    The reports dashboard shows you all the most important categories that help you gauge the success of your send. Here you can see how many of your mails were delivered, how many of them bounced, how many were opened, and how your subscribers clicked through them. You can even compare your results to your industry’s benchmarks for email marketing campaigns.

    Emailbrain’s reporting tools even tell you:

    • Where in the world people open your mail
    • When they read and engage with your message
    • What operating system and browser they used

    This information is perfect for further segmenting of your subscribers and building clearer demographic stats for your future marketing communications.

    For step by step help on how to read your reports, check out this video from our Emailbrain help center.

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    Create your Email Marketing Campaign based on your Reports and Statistics

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    The section of reports and statistics can be helpful when creating your email marketing campaigns. Here are two reasons of why:

     1. Be aware  of the unsubscribes and the frequency that they occur

    The main reasons for which your customers can unsubscribe: They are not registered to your list, the newsletters  are not of their  interest or they are receiving many newsletters. Choose a delivery schedule and stick to it. Send regular newsletters and alter them with offers. In addition, make sure your content is relevant.

    2. Consider open rates to find the most loyal customers

    Getting a high level of openness shows that customers are committed to what is sent to them and recognizes your address. You can target these clients that are more loyal to specific marketing campaigns. Check your open rates of recent months and send a special offer for those customers. Due to high rates in the past, these clients are certain to open the newsletters.

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    You can now view your Text message Statistics – SMS sends

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    Many of you wanted to know what happened to your text messages after they were sent. Previously there was no way to tell, but now there is! If you go to Reports & Statistics section of SMS you can track what happened to your SMS campaigns.

    It is very similar to our reports and statistics email menu.



    Every time you send an SMS campaign, you can see how many were delivered, how many are to be delivered and how many were not delivered, it will also give the reason why it was not delivered.
    In the SMS section go to Reports & Statistics and click on send and you are ready …

    As you can see, it is very easy to use and understand.

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    Gmail’s change to their image display

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    Have you now noticed that when you receive an email in your Gmail, sometimes it shows the images automatically, but sometimes you have to click on display images, for them to show?

     Well, it has been a year since Gmail said that if you sent at least 2 emails, to the address that is emailing you, they will automatically download it.

    As a suggestion, I strongly recommend that you monitor your sends in the Reports and Statistics Section of Emailbrain, to see if your Gmail emails are being opened without a problem. Also, it will be a great idea to use the link that Emailbrain provides at the top of the emails to reinforce the option of unsubscribing, if your client would like to do so. Furthermore, ask your clients to add your email address to their contact list and this will guarantee them receiving your emails, without getting filtered by Gmail or any other email provider.