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    How to be successful in social networks


    To be successful with your customers in social networks, follow these steps and you will be able to increase the number of subscribers you have, and have more success in their email marketing campaigns:

    • Keep your message simple- Simply write something short about the newsletter you send out, not many explanations, not complicated messages will be read.

    • Give reasons to Share- When writing your newsletter, think about the reasons why you would share. If you have more than one reason then you are on the right track (think like the customer). Remember that if you make more people want to share their news bulletins on social networks, there is a high probability that you get more subscribers. So give reasons to share, do promotions, contests and good information.

    • Know that social networks use your contacts more- Learn the most popular social networks among your subscribers and focus on those. It’s not worth putting much effort into a network if a minimum percentage of your subscribers use it. Take your time and investigate the preferences of your subscribers, you can do a survey if you wish.

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    Grow your mailing list through social networks

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    Now days social networks allow you to grow your mailing list.  Subscribers have become more susceptible to the information they want to receive in their inbox.  For those two reasons you must take advantage of the tools provide it by social networks; to show readers how good your  newsletters are and encourage them to subscribe to receive them.

    So it is best that aside from the subscription form you have on your website, you should also include it in your Facebook page.  For example, you may have some users that visit your  Facebook page and would never enter your web page, so if you have your subscription form available in your fan page your customers will be able to subscribe to receive your newsletters. So putting the format of the subscription form in your Facebook page will not only help you grow your list but it will also keep your list  ICANN compliance  since all emails will be opt in.

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    Social share: Integrate your social and email marketing

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    I’m sure you’re up to speed on the dramatic way in which our online communications and marketing are evolving, it should be pretty clear that as online “word of mouth” social media is a must-have marketing, branding and networking tool. 

    Being an email marketer, you’re probably aware that email has long been the top performing direct and online marketing channel – now I don’t know about you, but something tells me that combining these two channels (email and social media) should have quite a powerful effect…

    Which is why, as promised, we’ve release a brand new way of complementing your email campaigns with your social media presence:

    Social share

     This tool enables you to publish your email newsletter straight to your Twitter account (Please note that this tool was disabled, but it is available in your Emailbrain Account again).  The newsletter title with a link to your full newsletter will then automatically appear as a tweet – without you having to log into your account to manually tweet about your newsletter.  Our developers have even adding an additional gadget: GMtiny, our very own URL abbreviator.  As Twitter limits you to 140 characters per tweet, GMtiny will automatically shorten the link to your newsletter, cutting down that lengthy, unsightly URL to only a few characters.  Handy, isn’t it?

    And this is only the beginning – we have extended this feature to enable you to publish across more social networks, like only on Facebook and Twitter, but also on Google, My Space, Yahoo and LinkedIn!.  Make sure to try them all, they will really help you in your email marketing campaign.

    Enhance your brand presence online, increase your audience and subscribers and boost your sales by engaging more fully with potential clients – all with our new social share tool.

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    Social Networks

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    As you may know, the websites Facebook.com and Twitter.com are on its boom. So why not capitalize on this and make the most of these social networks?

    Create a fan page for your business on Facebook and Twitter, invite your contacts to join and ask them to invite their contacts. This will also help to promote their newsletters, because that way, they can put the links of these bulletins, and on these pages. You can also ask the new fans who are interested in receiving information in their emails to register to your subscription form; this will make your list grow even more.

    Actually, you can take advantage of these social networks not only to gain new customers but also to promote their e-marketing newsletters.

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    Is it better to have your subscribers Single Opt in or Double Opt in?

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    Good morning to all…

    Before I start today’s topic I would like to invite you to our Facebook and Twitter page and tell us what topic you would like to see in our blog. Remember that this blog is made especially for you!

    It really depends on how you see it. The single opt in is simpler and faster to use. As soon as a person puts their details on the subscription form they are already subscribed and can start receiving your emails. However, the negative part of single opt-in is that anyone can write out anyone’s email address in the subscription form, and then the real person can make a spam complaint because it was not really them who opted in, but a competitor for example. Also, even if he/she is the same subscriber who opts in but misspells a letter of the whole email address then they will not be added.

    The double opt in is more work because after a client first opt ins, then he/she needs to go to his/her email and confirm that they have opted in. This will confirm that the person who subscribed to a  certain email address is really the owner of such email address account. The negative side is that many people can either not receive the email or if they do but they do mot click on the link. And, by consequence it will be a subscriber less than you will have in your list.

    So now that both opt ins are explained to you, Which one will you feel more comfortable using and why?