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    Social Network Yearbook

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    I wanted to share with you today a chart made ​​by Five Media Column, we felt it was very funny and represents this century. Hope you enjoy it.


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    Grow your mailing list through social networks

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    Now days social networks allow you to grow your mailing list.  Subscribers have become more susceptible to the information they want to receive in their inbox.  For those two reasons you must take advantage of the tools provide it by social networks; to show readers how good your  newsletters are and encourage them to subscribe to receive them.

    So it is best that aside from the subscription form you have on your website, you should also include it in your Facebook page.  For example, you may have some users that visit your  Facebook page and would never enter your web page, so if you have your subscription form available in your fan page your customers will be able to subscribe to receive your newsletters. So putting the format of the subscription form in your Facebook page will not only help you grow your list but it will also keep your list  ICANN compliance  since all emails will be opt in.

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    New social networking icons in the Emailbrain Footer

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    We are already in October! Three more months and this year is over!  We are also in the month of the witches, Halloween Month! So it is a month to feel like a kid again and have a great time!!!

    Again, thinking of you we have included a new feature to your footer. Now we are offering social networking icons such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, MySpace, De.licio.us, Digg and you can include them in your footer. When you send your newsletter, subscribers can simply click on the icon of your social network and can share your newsletter with all their friends.
    When they click on the desired network, they will be taken to the homepage of the network and will have to put their username and the URL of the newsletter will automatically be included in the status of the individual.

    So now you know, keep on creating well-designed newsletters, with good information and continue to innovate, because it is more likely that if you include this option in your footer, I can assure you that more than one of your subscribers will share your newsletter on their network. What a great way to advertise their products and their customers will also recommend them to their acquaintances.

    You might be wondering how can I set it up in my footer? It is very easy, here I explain how:

    In your Emailbrain account, go to Settings & Options> Header / Footer.

    There, you will see two options basic or advanced configuration settings.
    If you are in basic, please select Advanced and click save. If you are in Advanced you are where you need to be.

     Then scroll down to where it says settings email footer and press where the + is.


    There you will see several options, select the box that says ” Add social media links on all emails” and size it the way that you want the icons to be seen.

    Then scroll down and click Save Changes and ready, and icons will be in your footer.

    Finally, you can see how many of your subscribers have shared your newsletter on social networks. Just go to reports and statistics, select by send, the newsletter, and there you will see where it says social share, you can click there and get the information. How wonderful it is, isn’t it?


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    Is it better to have your subscribers Single Opt in or Double Opt in?

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    Good morning to all…

    Before I start today’s topic I would like to invite you to our Facebook and Twitter page and tell us what topic you would like to see in our blog. Remember that this blog is made especially for you!

    It really depends on how you see it. The single opt in is simpler and faster to use. As soon as a person puts their details on the subscription form they are already subscribed and can start receiving your emails. However, the negative part of single opt-in is that anyone can write out anyone’s email address in the subscription form, and then the real person can make a spam complaint because it was not really them who opted in, but a competitor for example. Also, even if he/she is the same subscriber who opts in but misspells a letter of the whole email address then they will not be added.

    The double opt in is more work because after a client first opt ins, then he/she needs to go to his/her email and confirm that they have opted in. This will confirm that the person who subscribed to a  certain email address is really the owner of such email address account. The negative side is that many people can either not receive the email or if they do but they do mot click on the link. And, by consequence it will be a subscriber less than you will have in your list.

    So now that both opt ins are explained to you, Which one will you feel more comfortable using and why?